Class-rep elections, politics and scuba diving

It is week two at Trinity and societies are gearing up for an action packed year

As the second week of lectures begins, the readings you’re putting off are starting to pile up and you slowly realise that you may, in fact, have taken on one too many society positions, it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, there are plenty of events in college to delay such nihilistic thoughts from setting in so early in the year, and with class-rep elections kicking off on Tuesday, this week certainly won’t be a dull one.


If you’re looking for an event-filled week, why not dive right in at the deep end with DU Sub-Aqua Club’s Learn to Scuba Dive course, tonight at 8pm. Classes are held weekly at the Sports Centre. If you envisioned starting your week on dry land, however, then Mindful Mondays with DU Meditation Society are the way to go. There you can have one hour of stress-free bliss in the Global Room at 1pm.

Trinity VDP are hosting their first ‘Meeting of the Month’ at 6pm in Goldsmith Hall. You’ll get a taster of the events they will be hosting in the next few weeks, the kind of work VDP does and how you can get involved. Finally, there will be a talk at 7pm in the Synge theatre, on the US midterm elections, hosted by SOFIA. Trinity’s Dr Emanuel Coman will be providing insight into the importance of the election and whether the Republicans can hold on to their House and Senate majorities or if the Democrats will wrestle control of either of the chambers.


If Monday wasn’t your cup of tea, why not have one with DU Gender Equality Society at noon on Tuesday. There you can discuss the latest developments in feminist movements over tea and biscuits in the Attic of House 6.  The Phil are also presenting a Gold Medal to Irish funk rock band, Republic of Loose at 2pm in the GMB. The band’s second album, “Aaagh!”, reached platinum sales and they have the 3rd highest airplay time in Ireland of any native band.

In the evening, there will be an LGBTQ+  panel discussing the future of the movement, from 7pm onwards in the Robert Emmet Theatre. If you’d like to hear some experienced figures voice their opinions on whether the recent progress on LGBTQ+ issues will continue then you should definitely give this a try. Later on, Cumann Gaelach will be hosting their mystery pub crawl, Turas na dTithe Tabhairne from 8pm. Whether you want to improve your Irish or are just haven’t been out since Fresher’s week, it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and to familiarise yourself with Dublin’s night-life.


On Wednesday, DU Germanic Society will welcome the German Minister of State for International Cultural Policy, Michelle Münteferring, to give a talk on ‘The Future of Europe from a German Perspective’ at 5pm in the GMB. For anyone interested in politics this a great opportunity to see an experienced parliamentarian speak on the benefits of cultural and educational exchange. Enviro soc’s EGM is on at 6.30pm where they will be electing a first-year rep, an international rep, a postgrad rep and an OCM.  With the growing relevance of environmental movements, both on and off campus, now is the perfect time to get active and help out.

Afro-Caribbean Society will be screening the documentary Big Men at 6pm in the Synge theatre. The film explores the development of Ghana’s first oil field and should be a fascinating watch for anyone with an interest in the country’s history. At 6.30pm the Hist will be having a reception with free food and drink before they debate the motion ‘This House Would Live in a World Without Labels’. Do labels help individuals understand themselves or do they restrict them and force them to design themselves around one aspect of their person?

There’ll be a pub quiz on in Doyle’s pub at 7pm, hosted by DU History, with both Historical and Miscellaneous questions. DU Film Society will also be hosting a film screening of one of three classic films, ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Dazed & Confused’ or ‘Easy A’,  downstairs in Kennedy’s pub at 7pm. To round off the evening, DU Alternative Music Society’s first open mic night of the year kicks off at 7.30pm in the upstairs room of Chaplin’s bar. There’ll be plenty of talented musicians playing all kinds of music and opportunities for those of all skill levels to try their hand at playing.


On Thursday, AIESEC will be holding their welcome night at 6pm in room 5039 of the Arts Block. If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer abroad for a summer, this talk will tell you all you need to get involved and give you the opportunity to learn from other students who have volunteered. At the same time, Trinity’s Jewish Society along with PolSoc will be showing a documentary on the second ever woman to be a member of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which is sure to be intriguing for anyone with an interest in law.  Also at 6pm, Trinity Afro-Caribbean Society are hosting ‘Letters from the Motherland’, a panel of activists and scholars alike who’ll be discussing some interesting topics in the Global Room.

‘This House Believes  that Middle Eastern Women Need Feminism’, is the motion the Phil will be debating that evening. Can the women’s rights movement in the Middle East learn from the tactics employed by western feminists over the past century or is it a different situation with a different set of goals? As always there’ll be free food and drink in the Phil Conversation Room beforehand. Trinity Free Legal Aid Clinic are holding a mixer in Chaplin’s bar at 7.30pm. If you ever wanted to get involved in the society you can meet the committee and get more information on spots on the committee up for grabs.


To conclude the week, DU Classical Society are having a classic art tour at the National Gallery of Ireland on Friday at 1.15pm. This should be a great experience for both art and history enthusiasts alike and a relaxing way to end a busy week. This week is jam-packed with enthralling events so take the opportunity to enjoy them before exam season slowly starts to creep in.

Seamus Small

Seamus Small is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Trinity News. He is a Senior Fresh Law and Politics student.