TCDSU reviewing possibility of plastic-free Trinity Ball

Ents Officer David Flood advocates for the phasing out of all single-use plastics at the event

As part of a move to reduce plastic consumption for the coming year, Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) are considering the implementation of plastic-free measures at Trinity Ball 2019. The effort, led by TCDSU Ents Officer David Flood, coincides with the uptake in environmentally friendly policies on campus in the past year.

So far, Flood has obtained the support of promotion company MCD, the primary organisers of Trinity Ball. While the process appears to be moving ahead, no formal agreement has yet been finalised.

At the moment, Flood does not expect the price of a Trinity Ball ticket to be affected by the elimination of single-use plastics. He stressed that “sustainability shouldn’t affect the price of tickets”, which cost €87 in 2018.

The initiative represents the most recent development in students’ fight to end the consumption of single-use plastics on Trinity’s campus. In February, TCD Plastic Solutions presented a 3,700-signature petition to Provost Patrick Prendergast demanding the phasing out of all single-use plastics in cafes and restaurants on campus.

The petition primarily called for the replacement of non-compostable plastic cutlery, cups and bottles with utensils more biodegradable in form. In response to the petition, the Buttery chose to eradicate all plastic cups from its facilities this summer.

Last week, TCDSU launched the recycling workshop “Train To Be A Recycling Champion”.  

In addition, residents living at Trinity Hall are to attend compulsory recycling workshops during Freshers’ Week, which will educate students on how they can identify which waste items are recyclable and limit their consumption of plastics.

Caroline Boyle

Caroline Boyle is a current Deputy News Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Fresh BESS student, and a former Senior Reporter.