Spooktacular things to do on Halloween

Movie nights, themed parties or haunted houses, we have you covered on what to do on Halloween

As it is sadly unacceptable for college students to go trick or treating, Halloween may lack some of the excitement it once held. Unless you get into the spooky spirit, don your best witch hat paired with some Dracula style teeth and head out to one of these events.

Movie night

Some of our lecturers may not have gotten into the spooky spirit and have left a pile of assignments to be completed. Rather than casting a curse over your lecturer, or wondering why you couldn’t have been more organised over reading week, you can stay in the library late because at 8pm Players and Q-Soc will be in Players Theatre screening Rocky Horror. Admission is free for members and there will be prizes for the best costumes.

If you want to head off campus the Light House Cinema are screening Halloween at 8.35pm with student tickets costing €8.50. Halloween is set to have you screaming as it returns to Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who upon surviving an attack by a serial killer forty years previous, prepares for his return. Alternatively, celebrate Halloween on Friday by heading to the Sugar Club at 8pm for a screening of  Ghostbusters, with tickets for €12.50.

Night out

Replace sweets with alcohol; binge drinking is the college student’s trick or treating. Ents will be in The Hub, with early bird tickets still for sale at €7. Promising a horrifyingly good night there will be prizes for the best costume. Wigwam are having a Halloween party and tickets cost €6 or Tramline are open for €5, with an added passage of terror on your way in. For anyone who wants to break away from the crowd, Lillies will host The Halloween Nightmare as part of an international Halloween festival.

Haunted house

It’s a classic but there’s nothing quite like a haunted house and for €20 you can visit the Nightmare Realm in the RDS which promises to terrify you. In Temple Bar, for €15 you can visit a three-floored house of horror. Or, learn a little about Trinity’s hidden horrible past by taking the gravedigger tour. For €25, you start by learning about what was there before Trinity College as well as some spooky secrets about Dublin.

Trick ‘n’ treat

Tell your family or your roommates that you’re staying home to make sure the trick ‘r treaters are taken care of, demand a €5 contribution so you can go buy sweets and chocolate but secretly scoff it all yourself.

Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.