NUIG incorrectly process financial aid applications

500 students are estimated to be affected

National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) have incorrectly processed financial aid fund applications this year with 500 students estimated to be affected. According to SIN, NUI Galway Students’ Union (NUIGSU) newspaper, it is believed that the issue arose due to an administration error.

Students were informed of the outcome of their application in an email on October 26, a week later than the published date on NUI Galway’s website, October 19. It is unclear whether the email stated that students were rejected in error or mistakenly allocated the fund.  

Affected students have not yet been informed by NUIG about the error according to a statement released by NUIGSU: “It is unacceptable that students have been waiting this long to hear about this error.” Further in the statement, NUIGSU said: “Nearly two weeks have passed since this problem has been identified. We believe that the original amount awarded to students in an email on the 26 October should be upheld; and that the correct amendments are made to others.”

NUIGSU released the statement as they believed students “have a right to know what is happening now.” NUIGSU have also called for a total review of the financial aid fund application process. Students are expected to be allocated their funds on December 7.

The Student Assistance Fund, funded by the Department of Education and Science from the European Social Fund under the National Development Plan composes the Financial Aid Fund along with a contribution from NUIG.