Your new coffee spot

For the coffee lovers out there or anyone in need of a comfortable spot to study, Bestseller is the place to be.

There’s nothing better then grabbing a ‘quick’ coffee with someone you ran into on your way to finish that assignment and it quickly turning into two hours eaten out of your library time. If you’re looking for somewhere different, or a replacement for Lemon as it draws ever closer to its close, then Bestseller is a café worth trying.

A cappuccino is €3.20 and a Barry’s tea is €3. If you want to test out the food, a breakfast sandwich is €6 if you’re eating in and €10 for brunch, and soup costs €6. While these prices are by no means inexpensive, they’re no dearer than what you’ll pay in another café or restaurant.

Located on Dawson Street, it’s a stone’s throw away from College and is housed in what was originally The National Bible Society of Ireland. The cafe retains many of its original features such as the safe at the back which belonged to the St. Ann’s Church across the street and the walls are decked with books, perfect for anyone trying to get that Instagram photo, though be warned the lighting isn’t great!

Sitting in the plush, leather armchairs you can cuddle up and read a book in this wintery weather, or have a chat with a friend. If you stay there long enough, it turns into a bar in the evening so you can round it off with a Naughty Eve or a Super Fancy Buck for €12.

Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.