Pandemic unemployment payment available to students who lose income

The payment will be paid for six weeks at a flat rate of €203 per week

Students will be able to avail of Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment if they lose their income due to their workplace closing as a result of the coronavirus.

The unemployment payment will be paid for a period of six weeks at a flat rate of €203 per week for jobseekers. In a statement, the government said that the payment is designed “to quickly deliver a social welfare payment to the unemployed and provide income security” during the six week period.

The flat rate is equivalent to the jobseeker payment rate. During the six week period, the unemployed person will be required to complete and return a full jobseeker’s form.

In a tweet, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) said: “@TheUSI has been working to secure full information on this payment for its members who are out of work due to the pandemic.”

“USI will continue to work to ensure student workers are not forgotten during this time.”

College announced the fifth case of coronavirus in Trinity last night. The student went on Trinity Surf Society’s trip to Fuerteventura last week. The club announced that the student will be self-isolating, while other students who went on the trip must now self-quarantine.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced on Thursday that universities were to close until March 29.

In an email circulated to staff and students shortly after 5pm on Thursday, Provost Patrick Prendergast confirmed that while the government’s decision is in effect until March 29, it “would be wise to allow for the possibility of a longer closure”.

Access to Trinity’s campus is limited to residents, staff, and postgraduate research students who have received written permission from their supervisors. Classes are taking place online.

Trinity is currently preparing to replace in-person exams, due to take place in April, with online forms of assessment.

There are currently 169 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland, with 52 cases in Northern Ireland.

Aisling Grace

Aisling Grace was the Editor-in-Chief of the 66th Volume of Trinity News. She was also formerly Online Editor and Deputy News Editor.