International students told to bring sufficient toiletries and clean clothes for 14 day isolation

No overnight guests or parties to be permitted during Michaelmas Term

College has asked overseas students that are required to self-isolate to arrive in September with sufficient “personal toiletries and medicines” for the two week isolation period, as well having “sufficient clean clothes”, as they will not be provided with individual laundry services during the isolation period.

This comes despite previous communication from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies’ office to international students which outlined that “all support in terms of shopping, meals and laundry will be provided” to those isolating in Trinity accommodation.

An email circulated to students today alongside accommodation offers, which was signed by Registrar Dr Phillip Coleman, EU and international students are to “ensure they are in good health” before travelling to their accommodation. 

To support students during this period, the email said that College intends to provide a “complimentary” welcome pack, as well as a daily meal delivery service for students to “purchase”.

College also said it would provide these students with online orientation and “other materials to get you ready for your Trinity College experience”.

Trinity stated that overseas students that are required to self-isolate before the upcoming Michaelmas term must contact the Accommodation Office in advance to confirm their arrival date.

Speaking to last week, Vice President for Global Relations Juliette Hussey stated that College would “support” international students during their self isolation. 

Hussey cited communications in which Trinity has been “working through giving [international students] the information in terms of when they arrive”, including requirements such as a 14-day quarantine and pre-booking a meal delivery service for those two weeks. 


Hussey said that for students who plan on staying in Trinity accommodation, “supports will be in place” for the first two weeks of their stay. 

In an email to students, College told students that in line with the current government regulations, any person arriving from outside the island of Ireland (including Great Britain) must self-isolate for 14 days.

The email said: “This requirement may change before September and we will be updating our guidelines in line with public health advice.”

“If you are arriving from a location outside Ireland you are currently asked to arrive at your assigned College accommodation no later than 7 September 2020,” he continued. 

Kavanagh Court, an accommodation service affiliated with Trinity, is offering international students two weeks of free accommodation in September to allow for the self-isolation period. 

During Michaelmas term, College will not be permitting students to have overnight guests or parties in their accommodation. 

College stated: “This decision has been taken with the health of all our students in mind; the policy will be reviewed before the commencement of Hilary Term 2021.”

Trinity is to offer “any twin room at Trinity Hall for single occupancy at the single rate” for the upcoming term. If a students’ preference is for a place in a twin room with another student at a lower rate, they must contact the Accommodation Office.

On March 8, Students in Trinity accommodation were prohibited from having non-resident guests in their accommodation as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Trinity has been closed since March 12, when the outgoing government closed all schools and colleges to try curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Following College’s closure, Trinity ordered residents of private complexes Kavanagh Court and Binary Hub to vacate by March 18, along with all residents in Trinity accommodation except when students meet certain criteria.

Trinity then rethought its decision, permitting students to stay on campus if they had no other option due to travel bans. These students were only allowed to stay if it was necessary to do so. Students who left accommodation were to receive partial refunds.

In May, Trinity emailed students claiming that they were “not yet in a position” to allocate accommodations to students, due the evolving nature of the pandemic. 

Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly is the Editor-in-Chief of the 69th volume Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister student of English Literature and Philosophy. She previously served as Deputy Editor, News Editor and Assistant News Editor.