This week at Trinity: Society Week

Distract yourself from looming deadlines with manifestation, a vegan tray bake and an Open Mic night

As usual, the term is gathering momentum, and the sudden realisation that three weeks are already behind us is enough to cause minor anxiety. The panic is beginning to set in about upcoming assignment due dates, and what began as one missed lecture has become at least five. 

The only way to properly deal with the mounting pile of work that technically should already be done? Ignore it, of course. To avoid more online lectures and forget rapidly approaching deadlines, Trinity Societies have another fantastically varied lineup of events organised for this year’s Society Week. During Society Week, which traditionally falls in the fourth week of term, many events are free and open to all students, whether you are a member or not. 

Trinity Musical Theatre Society will be holding an Audition Taping Workshop at 7pm on Monday as part of their ongoing workshop series. Led by Annabel Sweeney, a second year Trinity student who has previously performed with Celtic Woman, and who was to play Mary Magdalen in TMTS’ production of Jesus Christ Superstar before Covid-19 indefinitely postponed the musical, the Audition workshop should be an unmissable start to fourth week. 

On Tuesday, Trinity Japanese Society and QSoc — Trinity LGBT are bringing you an origami making class at 4pm, which could be a therapeutic way to manage brewing stress or a chance to reveal your long hidden origami skills — assuming we all have those, of course. If the thought of fiddling with paper cranes and flowers isn’t your cup of tea, DU Gender Equality Society will be holding their first book club of the year on Tuesday at 6pm. With Halloween looming, this week’s chosen book is Things We Say in the Dark, a collection of haunting short stories by Kirsty Logan. 

Another option for Tuesday evening is DU Psychological Society’s first guest speaker event of the year. At 6pm, they will be welcoming Ella Ringrose, expert in Manifestation and Self-Development, and founder of the Goal Getter Mindset Academy. Whether you believe in the powers of Manifestation or not, who here couldn’t use some advice when it comes to goal getting? 

More events will be vying for your attention on Wednesday evening, beginning with DU Alternative Music Society’s Open Mic night, from 7pm to 9pm; an opportunity to showcase your musical talent, or bemoan your lack of said talent while watching others perform. For the politically minded, Trinity Politics Society and SOFIA will be hosting Will the White House be a Shite House?, a discussion on the upcoming US election at 8pm. Following the talk, you can enter a competition guessing the outcomes of the election, from election winner to winner of the popular vote — because those aren’t necessarily the same thing, remember? American readers, feel free to cringe slightly at horrifying flashbacks to 2016. The competition is free to enter, with prizes of up to €30. 

For something possibly a little less politically charged, Trinity Literary Society will be hosting a Favourite Books Conversational Hour at 5pm on Wednesday. To put all your obscure literary knowledge to use, you could also join Trinity Literary Society on Saturday at 6pm for their Quiz Night.

On Thursday, there will be a Vegan Nacho Tray Bake Cook-along hosted by DU Food and Drink and DU Vegan Society at 5pm. Also on Thursday is a Homemade Mask and Sustainable Fabric workshop hosted by TCD Environmental Society at 8pm. Lizzy Gageby Bell will be joining to teach you how to sew some simple home made masks. Go to The Masked Lizard on Instagram to see her designs.

More societies will also be holding their EGMs throughout the week, including DU History Society, DU Gender Equality Society, DU Food and Drink, and Trinity Jazz Society. 

If you’re feeling creative, submissions are open for DU Classical Society’s first ever art exhibition. All submissions are welcome, as long as they are vaguely classically inspired. Submissions are also open for Trinity Jazz Society’s weekly competition. This time around, they are asking for your jazzy versions of ABBA songs. 

If online university is taking its toll, or the urge to kill your flat mates/family members is arising worryingly often and you just need to talk to someone, anyone, else for a while, many societies have weekly coffee hours which you can join for a chat. 

It’s really not too late to reach out and make some new friends, even if it is via zoom.