Library introduces bundle of new changes to booking system

Students will now only allow students to book up to 25 hours in the Library in any given week

In an email today, following on from a similar email sent to students last week, the Library announced that changes to its newly implemented booking system will take effect from today, Monday November 16.

 Subsequent changes will be implemented on Monday November 23. 

The changes come as a response to an internal review of the system and student feedback, and the new system will only allow students book a maximum of 25 hours in the Library in any given week

The email, sent to all students this morning, outlined these changes were being brought in to address two key concerns, those being readers not showing up to take their booked seats in the libraries and readers taking vacant seats which they have not booked. 

In addressing the first concern, effective today, readers will be asked to check-in to confirm their booked seat. Failure to do so will result in the booked seat being forfeited. Seats from today onwards will also only be available to book up to a week in advance. 

Finally, each student will be allocated a limit of 25 bookable hours a week, covering all of the libraries. 

In addition to these changes, on Monday November 23, Library stewards will be at library entrances to check student bookings, and will also perform spot checks to ensure seats remain in correct positions and follow public health guidelines. 

Checking in will involve the input of a unique 3 digit code that will come with each confirmation email of a successful seat booking. This 3 digit code will need to be inputed before an allocated slot, and 15 minutes into a booking. Failure to check in will result in the seat being forfeited for others to book. 

The email also encourages anyone who no longer needs their booked seat to cancel as early as possible, “out of courtesy to others who may wish to book the seat”.

The Library is also foregoing the introduction of the check-in requirement in the 1937 Postgraduate Reading Room or for bookings in Kinsella Hall during evenings or weekends. These will continue to be managed by the Graduate Student’s Union (GSU). 

It was reiterated that seats on Floors 1-3 of the Ussher library (Kinsella Hall after hours) will still need to be booked through the main library system up to 5pm each weekday.

In ensuring the smooth running of the Library’s booking system, the staff ask “that you please consider the needs of your fellow readers”.

The Library encouraged students to only book seats if they intend to use them, and to check for cancellations. They also discourage the occupation of vacant seats if students have not booked them. 

Remarking on the library’s capacity, Peter Dudley, Head of Reading Room Services & Space at the College Library stated: “As we approach exams in January, demand for Library seats will inevitably increase. The measures outlined above will help, but the reality is that the Library has lost 80% of its capacity due to social distancing.” 

He added: “There may be times when seats are scarce due to high demand. We encourage you to plan ahead and be considerate of your fellow Library readers.” 

Adam Balchin

Adam Balchin is Deputy Online Editor for Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister Law student.