Mitigation measures for re-sits of passed exams confirmed after error

In an email to students, Dr Kevin Mitchell clarified measures to be taken for Sophister students wishing to re-sit passed exams

In a reversal from a statement made yesterday, Senior Lecturer and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr Kevin Mitchell emailed students this morning to clarify that mitigation measures would be in place for second semester assessments even for those who had passed the module.

He stated that “re-sits of passed modules will be possible for second semester as well as for first semester assessments for Sophister students”. 

Yesterday’s email stated that the “emergency measures” put in place for mitigation methods of Michaelmas term examinations would no longer be necessary for second semester exams. The reason given for this decision was “the restrictions now in place and the roll-out of the vaccination campaign”.

Details were laid out for re-sits of failed examinations to be taken later in the year, but no clarification was given as to whether students could re-sit a passed exam.

However, in the new email, Mitchell included a statement detailing the process for Sophister re-sits, through which students in the Sophister years may apply to re-sit assessments following the release of Semester Two exam grades, even if they have received a passing mark in the module. 

The re-sits are scheduled to be taken in August, and students are to be awarded the higher grade received. 

Mitchell concluded his email with an apology for “the confusion and for any stress caused” toward students.

The Hilary teaching term will end on April 25, with exams scheduled for the weeks from May 10 to May 22. A third week from Monday, May 24 has been added for students to submit “essays or other work that replaces a final examination”. 

Audrey Brown

Audrey Brown is a Senior Fresher English Studies student, and the Deputy News Editor of Trinity News.