Butter me up: Day Four of a week of Buttery breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Ben McConkey and Peter Benson’s challenge is nearly done

Butter me up day four ‘cos the vegan sausage rolls are no more (we ate them all). Also, another sub-€20 day!

Day Four

What did we eat?

  • 2 item hot breakfast (scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast)
  • 2 item hot breakfast (hash browns, mushrooms, toast)
  • Apple x 2
  • Fruit pot x 3
  • Porridge w/ cinnamon and honey
  • Coffee
  • Quesadillas w/ mashed potatoes and carrots
  • Leftover chow mein from Tuesday
  • Vegan sausage roll w/ chips and peas x 2 
  • Cream of broccoli soup x 3

How much did it cost?

  • €18.78

How was it?

Peter almost left the Buttery empty handed. As he arrived at the golden gates of Trinity’s favourite eatery, his heart sank at the sight of the menu – beef, bacon and cabbage, and cheesy quesadillas. His vegetarian diet coupled with his crippling casein allergy (no cow’s cheese for him), meant that he could have been starved. Could have. However, at the final moment, golden rays shone through the Buttery’s ceiling windows, and an angels’ chorus chimed, for there they were, his saviour; the vegan sausage rolls with chips and a side of peas (eat your greens kids). 

In an act of casein allergy erasure, Ben has made a potentially friendship-ending assertion: “The quesadillas are better than the vegan sausage rolls. 

Today’s offerings achieved a solid four Paddy Ps out of five on the Prendergast scale. In Ben’s eyes, the quesadillas were fine. In Peter’s eyes, they were not. Both parties were suffering from a serious case of hot-item-breakfast induced lethargy. 

How are we?

This is no longer fun. 

Buttery teeth!