DU Players awarded Best Overall Society at the CSC Society awards

Other notable winners from the night included Trinity Musical Theatre society for Best Virtual Production, DU Film Society for Best Online Presence and Knitting Society for Community Spirit

DU Players took home the award for Best Overall Society at the Central Societies Committee (CSC) Society of the Year Awards 2021 last night.

The event was hosted by stand-up comedian and Trinity graduate Daniel O’Doherty who also founded the TCD Jazz Society. The event was held over zoom with an emphasis on congratulating societies and students for their work throughout the pandemic.

The event was dedicated to students who were said to go above and beyond, in the quality of society events, as well as their ability to translate society activity into an online format.

Winner of the Society of the Year award for Best Virtual Production went to Trinity Musical Theatre for their production of Into the Woods. Special mention was given to this award due to the difficult nature of adapting productions into the online format.

The award for Best Online Presence garnered significant attention due to the importance of online presence over the past college year amid the ongoing pandemic. Congratulations was passed to each society nominated, with the prize being awarded to DU Film Soc.

The award for Community Spirit was given to the Knitting Society. Special mention was also given to this award, due to the loneliness created by the pandemic and the difficulties this has caused for students this year. 

Best Online Innovation, the award for the society who have adapted best to the online format and used it in the most novel way, went to the DU Photographic Society.

The event concluded with a thank you to the societies from O’Doherty and the CSC, for their role in bringing college students together at a time when they must “stay apart”.

Full list of winners from the night;

Best Overall Society: DU Players

Best Virtual Production: Trinity Musical Theatre for their production of Into the Woods

Best Online Presence: DU Film Society

Best Community Spirit: Knitting society

Best Online Innovation: Du Photographic Society

Best Event: DU History for Trinity’s Hidden History

Best Collaborative Event: Asian Week as a collaboration of Korean/Chinese/Japanese/DUSEAS/Arabesque Society

Best Poster: DU Dance Society

Best Small Society: SUAS

Best Medium Society: DU Gamers

Best Large Society: FLAC & DU Players

Best Individual: FLAC’s Ivan Rakhamin

Best Fresher: Trad Soc’s Peter Lennon

Best Multiday Event: DU Gamers for Convergence

Best Publication: TCD Cancer Society Cookbook

Societies Choice Award: DU Players & DU Gamers

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox is current News Analysis Editor for Trinity News and previously served as Higher Education Correspondent. He is a Junior Sophister Ancient and Medieval History and Culture student.