This week in Trinity: Engineers Week

This week in Trinity TCD’s Engineering Society brings you ‘Your Future in Industry’ with talks from past alumni

Society events for this week all kick off on Tuesday. At 7pm join Eng Soc over zoom, as they welcome Eoin Brate (AB Forensics) and David Nolan (Postdoctoral research at TCD) to discuss the fields of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering for their first talk this week.

If you’re more interested in talking than listening, why not sharpen up your debating skills by attending the first session for this year’s Beginner’s Debate Training with the Phil. Starting at 6:30pm and running through to 8:00pm over zoom, members of the Phil will teach you all skills to win a debate with style! 

Fancy practicing your french? If so, you’re in luck, TCD French Soc has brought back their Coffee & Croissants events this semester! Join the society this Wednesday from 10.30-11.30am over zoom to eat croissants and chat with fellow French language and culture fanatics.

Eng Soc continues to sweep the week with events on Wednesday evening. Starting again at 7:00pm over zoom, Darragh Noble (Waterman Moylan) and Christy O’Sullivan (RPS Group) will be talking to the society about the exciting field of Structural and Civil engineering.

Do you want to learn more about how to live more sustainably? If so, then this Thursday join the Global Development society’s “Sustainability Workshop” at 7pm over zoom. The society has invited Pat Kane from Dublin-based reuzi for a talk on eco-living and sustainability. 

Saving the best for last, this Thursday at 7:00pm Eng Soc will be hosting their final talk on Computer and Electrical Engineering. The society has invited professionals Emma Spillane (02 telefonica) and Maurice Gavin (TOOTHPIC) to discuss and answer questions about their experience in this field. 

However, if learning about the future career paths of an engineer doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d prefer to learn about gender bias in society? This Thursday at 7:00pm, the Gender Equality Society (DUGES) have teamed up with Psychsoc to host a panel discussion on this topic. Tune in over zoom to discover how and why inclinations towards (or prejudice against) one gender is a prominent issue in society.