This Week in Trinity: AGMs and a Spring Fling

This week, choose between talks, AGMS and virtual balls as Trinity’s societies begin to wrap up this year

This week in Trinity we see AGMs taking place left, right and centre as we move towards the end of what has been a very trying year for many of our beloved societies. Below you can find just a few of the elections happening this week. 

On Monday night the Yoga Society kicks off with the first AGM this week. Starting at 7:30pm and taking place over zoom, those who are hoping to take up a more active role in this society can tune in. 

Also taking place at 7:30pm is the Hist’s annual inaugural meeting. Traditionally, this is the first time that the Auditor addresses the society members for the coming year. Delayed due to Covid-19, the meeting’s theme is The Power of Big Tech, an event in which its members will discuss the oligarchy of the world’s tech companies and their economic influence. 

The Hist continues to provide entertainment for us this week with a brand new event hosted by the recently renamed Robinson Subcommittee. The event, Derby of Rhetoric: A Moment of Oratory for All, will take place at 12:00pm on Tuesday afternoon. Here, speakers will have the opportunity to talk for seven minutes on any topic they are interested in. There is no theme and members have the freedom to discuss whatever they please. So if you would enjoy listening to your fellow Trinity peers attempt to dress up their passions in a short Ted-Talk style event, then this may be for you.

Later, at 6:30pm on Tuesday the Phil will be hosting introductory debate training for aspiring debaters. Following this event, the society will then go on to host the 2021 Phil Ball: Spring Fling. Commencing at 8:00pm over the less glamorous Zoom, the Phil will be taking all attendees back to the future for a 1950s Grease-inspired party. 

For all students that are more interested in cuisine than cutting shapes, the DU Food and Drink society will be hosting their AGM at the same time this Tuesday. At 8:00pm one can find the society over Zoom to see who will be running the kitchens next year. 

On Wednesday afternoon at 5:00pm, Trinity News will be hosting their AGM for next year, students can tune in to discover who will be calling the shots for the year ahead. 

From 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Envirosco, Zoosoc and Botsoc have all teamed up to host their Natural Sciences Career Event over Zoom. Any student that is interested in a career within this field can tune in to listen to an array of speakers, followed by a Q&A where they will be more than happy to answer any questions. 

Then at 7:30pm, The Hist will host their weekly debate: This House Regrets the Belief in Free Will. For all students that are interested in seeing which side succeeds, tune in over Zoom at this time. 

People Before Profit wrap up this jam-packed Wednesday with an event on Ireland’s left-wing election material. At 8:00pm over Zoom, Leaflets of the Left – Radical Left Political Material with Alan Kinsella will aim to educate and inform Trinity students on this topic. 

Finally, this week of society events will come to a close on Thursday evening. At 7:00pm, Trinity’s People Before Profit will host their society AGM. 

Lastly, Envirosoc have organised a live Q&A entitled Co-Aligning Social & Conservation Goals: SEED Madagascar. At 7:00pm, the society will welcome Mark Jacobs, Managing Director of SEED Madagascar, to discuss the social and biodiversity goals of many conservation programmes that not only protect the natural environment but also local livelihoods.  

Whilst this has been a hectic and unnatural year for all of Trinity’s societies, they have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient. With all these AGM elections, it’s time for you to have your say. Let’s hope we find students with the same strength and creativity as last year.