Editorial: Trinity News supports the boycott of the Irish Times

The national newspaper’s consistently bigoted editorial stance is unjustifiable

Trinity News is proud to lend its support to the Trans Writers’ Union’s boycott of the Irish Times.

The paper has demonstrated a vehemently anti-trans editorial line in recent months, through repeatedly selecting transphobic opinion articles and reader letters for publication. In the same period, the Irish Times has published almost no voices supportive of trans rights, and no voices whatsoever of trans people themselves.

This is not a coincidence, nor is it just an effort to “facilitate debate”. This is a deliberate and conscious slant in favour of one side of an issue – specifically the one which seeks to deny a group of people their rights, and considers their identities illegitimate.

Such an editorial stance is irreconcilably at odds with that of this newspaper. As such, Trinity News supports the Trans Writers’ Union campaign and has severed its relationship with the Irish Times.

Going forward, the print edition of this newspaper will no longer be produced by the Irish Times, and we will no longer feature that publication’s advertising in print or online. To do otherwise would be to neglect the responsibility Trinity News has to the trans community within our college.

We encourage other student publications and organisations to join the boycott, and urge all those in agreement to sign the campaign’s open letter. Media can and must do better.