Module enrolment delayed to unknown date in August

Reflecting events of the previous academic year, the module enrolment system has been pushed back

Student representatives have been made aware that the Online Module Enrolment System, with which students would be able to apply for modules for the coming College year, has been delayed and will go live in August.

Emails detailing this were sent to student representatives last Wednesday, on July 28.

The module enrolment had been due to go live in July, but is now set to go live later this month. The email provided  did not specify exactly what date the system would go live, but that as soon as the School involved knew, representatives would be informed.

The School concerned likewise expressed regret at the lack of information provided, and informed the representatives that decisions made surrounding the Online Enrolment were done at a College level and were out of the School’s control.

This delay of the Online Enrolment also occurred  last year, during which enrolment was delayed for incoming Senior Fresh students. Enrolment last year was repeatedly pushed back, with the delay stretching to September 21,  September 23, and finally September 25.

Students likewise faced delays in the opening of enrolment, with the initial time given for 11:00, only for the system to go online at 11:30. This was later revealed to be a human error of miscommunication concerning the set time.

This caused outrage among students, with some expressing frustration at not being “kept in the loop at all.”

Speaking to Trinity  News, one convenor who received the email expressed further frustration at the repeated situation.

“I find it deeply troubling that even with the experiences of last year’s catastrophic module enrolment service still fresh in the memory of the student body, that the College seems doomed to repeat that same fate once again.

“From the individual all the way up to the departmental level, there is total confusion as to when enrolment into modules is actually going to take place. Will it be one major push (i.e. the same time for all year groups) or totally asynchronous? Will it start in two days, or a week before Freshers’?”

The convenor expressed concern about student’s worry surrounding the module enrolment.

“Anxiety is already rampant with regards to the national policy on in-person teaching returning, and yet there has been no reassurance to the student body on a college level short of generalised statements as to the potential opening of enrolment portals.

The convenor also posed the question as to why College could not learn from their previous mistakes to improve the module enrolment service for students.

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox is current News Analysis Editor for Trinity News and previously served as Higher Education Correspondent. He is a Junior Sophister Ancient and Medieval History and Culture student.