Senior leadership team under Provost Linda Doyle announced

Trinity has given a full list of the faculty members appointed by Doyle to take office immediately

The Board of Trinity College Dublin has today announced the appointment of the new senior leadership team by Provost Linda Doyle, to take office immediately. 

The appointments were announced today by Trinity in a press release. 

Prof. Orla Sheils has been named as vice-provost and chief academic officer, taking over the role from Jürgen Barkhoff. Shiels has a PhD in molecular pathology from Trinity College and a masters in medical law and ethics from Kings College London.

Prof. Eleanor Denny has been announced as bursar and director of strategic unnovation. Denny worked as an assistant professor of economics at Trinity College Dublin and was awarded the European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities in 2021.

Prof. Neville Cox is to take office as registrar of College. Cox has a PhD in speech law and religion. He is a professor in the School of Law. He was appointed as dean of graduate studies in 2016, a role he worked in until 2020.

Prof. David Shepherd has been announced as senior lecturer and dean of undergraduate studies. Shepherd is an associate professor in the School of Religion.

Prof. Martine Smith will serve as dean of graduate studies. Smith is a professor of clinical speech and language studies in the School of Linguistics and has served as dean of graduate studies from 2020.

Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt has been appointed as dean of research. Schmitt worked as a professor in the School of Chemistry.

Prof. Jürgen Barkhoff has been announced as senior proctor. Barkhoff served as vice-provost under Prof. Patrick Prendergast, and is a professor of German in the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural studies.

Prof. Michael Rowan has been appointed as junior proctor. Rowen is a professor of neuropharmacology, pharmacology & therapeutics in the School of Medicine.

Prof. Tomás Eoin O’Sullivan has been made senior dean. O’Sullivan is a professor of social studies in the School of Social Work and Social Policy.

Prof. Philip Coleman has been made junior dean. Coleman is a professor in the School of English and acted as the previous registrar of chamber, as well as the existing junior dean, a role he is reprising.

Prof. Catherine McCabe has been re-announced as dean of students and is an associate professor in the School of Nursing. She has acted as dean of students since 2020.

Prof. Aidan Seery has been re-elected as senior tutor. The only member of the team not to be appointed by Provost Doyle, Seery was elected to the role by other tutors and has served as senior tutor since 2016. Seery is an associate professor in the School of Education.

Other appointments made today were Prof. Emma Stokes as vice-president for Global Engagement, Prof. Anna Chahoud as public orator, Prof. Jo-Hanna Ivers as associate dean of civic engagement and social innovation officer, and Prof. Dónall Mac Dónaill as registrar of chambers.

The three associate deans of research appointed are Prof. Maria Brenner in Health Sciences, Prof. Brian Broderick in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic, and Prof. Immo Warntjes in Arts, Humanities and Social Science.

Prof. Áine Kelly has been appointed associate dean of undergraduate (UG) science education, Prof. Graeme Murdock as dean of UG curriculum architecture, Prof. Gerard McHugh as dean of development, and Prof. Lorraine Leeson as Associate vice-provost for equality, diversity and inclusion

The positions announced are to take office with immediate effect.

Previous versions of this article incorrectly stated that Prof Neville Cox has a PhD in defamation law, and misspelled Prof David Shepherd’s name as Shephard. Trinity News apologises for the error.

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox is current News Analysis Editor for Trinity News and previously served as Higher Education Correspondent. He is a Junior Sophister Ancient and Medieval History and Culture student.