Trinity and UCD put rivalry to the test on the Liffey

The 72nd Colours Boat Race took place on March 18 after being postponed for three years

Trinity and University College Dublin (UCD) put rivalry to the test on the Liffey. The 72nd Colours Boat Race took place on Friday March 18 after being postponed for three years.

On Friday, UCD achieved a three-peat win and took home the Gannon, Corcoran and Sally Moorhead Cups. Trinity took home the Dan Quinn Shield.

The Gannon Cup has been competed for annually since 1947 between the mens’ senior teams from Trinity and UCD.

Since then, the race has expanded to include the Corcoran Cup for the womens’ senior teams (est. in 1980), the Dan Quinn Shield for the mens’ novices team (est. 2004), and the Sally Moorhead Trophy for the womens’ novices team (est. 2005) .

Trinity has won the Gannon Cup three more times than UCD. UCD has won the Corcoran Cup seven more times than Trinity. The Dan Quinn Shield had been a tiebreaker for Trinity and UCD, but Trinity now has a 2:1 advantage. The Sally Moorhead Trophy has been won by UCD six more times than Trinity.

The coin toss for the race took place on Sunday, February 27 at College’s dining hall. DUBC lost the toss and will take the south station for the Gannon Cup and the Dan Quinn shield. DULBC won their coin toss and chose to race on the south station for the Corcoran Cup and the Sally Moorhead Trophy.

Members of the Dublin University Men’s Boat Club (DUBC) Seniors who represented Trinity in the 2022 Gannon Cup:

Bow: Julian Schneider

2: MacDara Allison

3: Charley Nordin

4: Ronán Brennan

5: Tiarnán McKnight

6: Alfie Hales

7: Thomas Stevens

Stroke: Tadhg McKnight

Cox: Rowan Hamilton

Members of Dublin University Ladies Boat Club (DULBC) who represented Trinity in the 2022 race for the Corcoran Cup:

Bow: Laura Brown

2: Lily O’Keeffe

3: Jane Hogg

4: Miriam Kelly

5: Julie Moran

6: Aifric Keogh

7: Eimear Fahy

Stroke: Elise Carney

Cox: Éabha O’Sullivan

Members of DUBC Novices who represented Trinity in the 2022 race for the Dan Quinn Shield:

Bow: Paudie Moriarty

2: Canice Mc Carthy

3: Anrijs Lorencs

4: Max Hopp

5: Jonathan Atkinson

6: Sam Walker

7: William Ho

Stroke: Ben Reid

Cox: James O’Brien

Members of DULBC Novices who represented Trinity in the 2022 Sally Moorhead Trophy:

Bow: Rose Davey

2: Ellen Trenaman

3: María Mezquita García-Poggio

4: Elizabeth Moeser

5: Rachel Alexander

6: Imogen Cooney

7: Jane Prendergast

Stroke: Elizabeth Dorr

Cox: Róisín Fox

Speaking to Trinity News before the race, representatives of DUBC said: “It’s always hard to tell how we’ll fare, particularly at this point in the season when we haven’t yet met UCD.”

“We have a very different squad to last year and are enjoying the build up. The history of the event runs so deep that everyone in Irish rowing knows of the rivalry”, they added.

“UCD are back this season after winning Senior 8+s at the national championships, and we won club 8+ championships so it should be a great match up!”.

Speaking to Trinity News, repsentatives of UCDLB said: “The whole squad has worked incredibly hard all season.”

We have put ourselves in the best position possible to come out on top tomorrow through the dedicated training put in by everyone and the support from so many around us, especially from our coaches.”

They added they are “looking forward to getting on the water tomorrow and racing for the first time this year”.

“Side by side racing is always intense and along the Liffey with the crowds above us it is going to be an exciting race.”

“We are taking part to represent our college and club and to do everyone involved proud.”

“It is an honour to be selected for the crew and to get to race along the lower Liffey for the first time since covid makes it even more special”, they concluded.

Bella Salerno

Bella Salerno is currently a Deputy News Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Fresh Middle Eastern, Jewish and Islamic Civilisations and French student.