UT editor hustings scheduled for Tuesday at 1pm

Campaigning will run from Monday to Thursday

Hustings for the University Times (UT) editor bye-election will take place at 1pm on Tuesday, April 5.

The event will be livestreamed on TCDSU social media. Questions will be taken from attendees, but can also be submitted online.

Hustings had originally been scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday, before the final meeting of TCDSU Council of the year. However, the Council meeting is now scheduled to begin at 6pm, and the question submission form was updated to say the event “will now take place at 1pm (location TBC)”.

Campaigning for the election will run from tomorrow, Monday April 4, to Thursday, April 7. Voting will take place online on Wednesday and Thursday.

The bye-election is taking place after re-open nominations (RON) defeated incumbent Deputy Editor Mairead Maguire in the first election last month.

Maguire is running again, alongside Deputy Radius Editor Ailbhe Noonan. RON will be a ballot option again, as it is in all Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical officer elections.

A third candidate, Neal Manning, had been contesting the election but withdrew last week.

Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy is the Editor-in-chief of the 68th edition of Trinity News. He is a Computer & Electronic Engineering graduate, and a former Assistant Editor, Online Editor, and Deputy Online Editor.