Simon Harris announces €28.5 million in funding for Irish research projects in STEM and AHSS areas

The funding provided through the SFI-IRC Pathway Programme will go towards 53 research projects across a diverse range of disciplines

Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris has today announced an investment of €28.5 million for 53 research projects in areas including cancer, nutrition, politics, history, literature, energy and technology.

The funding will be provided through the SFI-IRC Pathway Programme, an initiative created to support research across all disciplines. The initiative is a collaboration between Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and the Irish Research Council (IRC).

In his announcement of the new projects, Harris explained that the investment will “allow researchers to advance their work and further develop their careers towards becoming the next generation of research leaders in Ireland”.

Of the 53 projects supported, 36 will be in the area of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), while 17 will be in arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS).

Harris emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary approaches, stating how the funding will reach all areas of research “from astronomy, cancer, economics, energy to health and nutrition”.

A focus is also placed on early-career researchers, in support of Ireland’s next-generation research leaders.

Director Science for Society, Science Foundation Ireland Abigail Ruth Freeman, highlighted how the funding will enable early-career researchers to “gain the essential skills and experience to develop their track record and become independent research leaders”.

The programme also focuses on increasing the representation of female researchers in the higher education system.

Harris continued: “We want to increase the number of females participating in research and funds like this are crucial to helping us achieve this.”

The 53 research projects will be funded through 12 research bodies, of which Trinity is one.

Sofia Ferrari Bravo

Sofia Ferarri Bravo is the Deputy News Analysis Editor for the 69th issue of Trinity News.