Trinity students will no longer be called up in order of grades at graduation

The change to the long-standing policy was announced today in an email to staff a students

Students will no longer be called upon in order of degree classification in Trinity graduation ceremonies, College has announced.

In a joint email to staff and students by the Registrar and Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) President, it was announced that students would organised by class group rather than by degree classification.

In it, Neville Cox and Gabi Fullam said: “Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) and the Registrar are delighted to announce one important change (approved by the College Board) in the way in which commencement ceremonies operate.”

“From now on, students in any class group will be called forward in alphabetical order from their class group, rather than alphabetically within their degree classification,” it continued.

It added: “Commencement ceremonies are all about the huge achievement of receiving a degree from Trinity and we really hope that this will mean that no student will feel isolated or singled out on the basis that they received a particular class of degree.”

It was also emphasised that no student should be left out because of their financial circumstances, encouraging students who cannot afford the cost of an academic hood or gown to contact the Registrar for financial assistance.