€1,000 fee refunds to begin from November

Students have been instructed to update their bank details through the My TCD portal as soon as possible

Refunds from the student contribution charge of €1,000 are to begin early next month, according to Academic Registry.

In an email, eligible students were instructed to update their bank details through the my.tcd.ie portal as soon as possible in order to receive the sum into their accounts.

Students who do not update their bank details will have a €1,000 credit applied to their account against any outstanding or future balance owed.

Students paying their fees in instalments will also have their account credited by €1,000 in November, and will be required to pay the remaining €500 in February 2023.

This once-off €1,000 reduction of the student contribution applies to students eligible for the free fees initiative (FFI), as outlined by the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research Simon Harris, and Minister of State for Skills, Niall Collins as part of Budget 2023.

The scheme was put in place in recognition of the cost of living financial challenges being faced by third level students.

Through the department, a range of measures have been announced to provide additional support for students, starting in 2022.

The State provides funding towards the tuition fee costs of eligible undergraduate students, through the FFI.

Currently, the student contribution rate that applies annually to all FFI eligible students is €3,000 per year.

Through Budget 2023, the Government has announced the once-off contribution of €1,000 towards the student contribution paid by each student in the 2022-23 academic year.

This measure is available to full time undergraduate students eligible for the Department’s free fees schemes only. It does not include students not eligible for free fees; post graduate, part time, non-EU fees or repeat year fees.

Students in receipt of a 50% support grant from SUSI will have their student contribution payment reduced proportionally from €1,500 to €1,000.

Sofia Ferrari Bravo

Sofia Ferarri Bravo is the Deputy News Analysis Editor for the 69th issue of Trinity News.