Editorial: Welcome to our Sex Issue

From our staff, welcome to our sex issue

Trinity News is currently in its’ 69th volume, and we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate this. This issue of Trinity News, issue 3, is our sex issue. We have compiled over 40 articles in this issue discussing all things sex, sexuality, relationships and even what foods will put you in the mood. From news to sport, scitech to arts and culture, photo and art to societies, this issue of Trinity News is all about sex. 

Exploring sex and sexuality is more than the dirty details; it’s our health, it’s our politics and it’s a huge part of our everyday lives. More and more, political bodies are engaging with sexuality and sexual health, something reflected in the pages of this paper. Budget 2022 and 2023 both introduced free contraception for women to a limited capacity, while the HSE has introduced free national home testing service for sexually transmitted infections for those aged 17 and over. Looking beyond Ireland, Scotland recently introduced the Period Products Act, compelling local authorities to provide free tampons, pads and other menstrual products in public places. The Spanish government recently approved a bill that grants paid medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain, becoming the first European country to advance such legislation. 

As well as increased provisions for sexual health, there are also increased attempts to protect individuals from sexual exploitation and harassment. All three parties in government have recently endorsed legislation to prosecute landlords who solicit sex from tenants in exchange for cheaper accommodation. Several TDs and campaigns have fought for legislation prosecuting image-based sexual abuse since 2020. In June, the government published their Zero Tolerance Strategy to prevent domestic, sexual and gender based violence. Minister for Justice Helen McEntee introduced reforms to the Sexual Offences and Human Trafficking Bill that will strengthen the parameters of “consent, belief and knowledge” in rape trials and allow complete anonymity for victims of any sexual assault cases. Sexual justice is something that has been hard won, and hard fought for still. 

However, despite increased conversations and policies around sex, most discussion around sex remains in hushed voices and nervous laughter in everyday conversation. Such a huge part of life and society should not be something we shy away from. Sex should be something that we celebrate. 

Within our sex issue, you will find student perspectives on sexual issues, from the evolution of Ireland’s pornography industry to period poverty around the world. This issue of Trinity News also comes closer to home and features personal stories and perspectives on sexuality, relationships and love. College is a place to explore yourself and your sexuality, to create embarrassing stories and fond memories, and Trinity News wants to give people the space to do so. 

Beyond the political and the personal, this issue of Trinity News also embraces the fun side of sexuality (we have literally made a sex-themed issue for volume 69). Even if sexuality is something to take seriously, it’s also something to have fun with. From the sexual appeal of celebrity chefs, to the sex lives of the Ancient Greek, to the history of sex-drug turned party-favours poppers in Ireland, we’ve got you covered. 

Trinity News endeavours to create a space for all students to express themselves, from long form articles discussing issues surrounding sex, to anonymous sex anecdotes that were submitted from the student body. Sex is more than an act, it is engrained in our lives; from religion to new contraception schemes, from our most private moments to the ads that are on television. Sex is everywhere, and we wanted to encapsulate all that sex and sexuality is, and can be, with this issue of Trinity News. 

From our amazing cohort of senior staff, section editors, copyeditors, photographers, artists, videographers, staff writers and contributing writers, welcome to our sex issue. Without our phenomenal staff, none of this would have been possible. Welcome to the 69th volume of Trinity News, and we hope you enjoy it. 

Also, 69, lol.