Shooting range to be opened underneath campus accommodation

The target shooting facilities will be located underneath the newly developed Printing House Square

A new shooting range is to be opened underneath the newly developed Printing House Square campus accommodation.

The new range in Printing House Square will replace previous facilities on campus used by The Dublin University Rifle Club (DURC), which has been in existence In Trinity for over 60 years.

According to DURC’s website, the range will be set up for 10m air rifle and 25yd small-bore shooting.

A spokesperson for College told Trinity News that the range has been developed with the latest design regulations, executed with the advice of the Department of Justice and a representative of An Garda Síochána, to ensure maximum security.

The spokesperson said: “We believe the security arrangements are second to none. The range and club operating model meet the required national safety and security standards, along with appropriate procedures and approval systems within the University.”

“DURC will continue their long standing presence as a University club from the new Printing House Square facilities later this year.”

DURC is one of 49 sports clubs in Trinity, dedicated to target shooting, including the air rifle and small-bore disciplines.

Printing House Square off of Pearse Street will accommodate 248 students after years in development. The complex includes rooms designed to accommodate students with disabilities as well, as well as a new Disability Hub and enhanced health centre.

Sofia Ferrari Bravo

Sofia Ferarri Bravo is the Deputy News Analysis Editor for the 69th issue of Trinity News.