Behind the Screen with EAT DRINK DUB

Ella-Bleu Kiely speaks with owner of the EAT DRINK DUB Instagram account Claudia Surya

You’re in a city. You’re looking for tasty, trendy and affordable places to eat. Where does one’s research begin? Instagram of course. We are living in an age of reels showcasing quick and easy recipes, newly opened food joints and reviews of dining experiences. Claudia Surya, owner of the EAT DRINK DUB (@eatdrinkdub) Instagram account with a following of over 41K and growing, is a prime source for hungry explorers, local and visiting, in and around Dublin city. I went behind the screen with EAT DRINK DUB, your Dublin Food Guide 24/7 hungry. 

Before EAT DRINK DUB, there was EAT DRINK JAKARTA. Claudia, hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, began sharing food recommendations for her hometown in 2011 on Instagram. After moving to Dublin in 2016, she says it was her “love of food combined with my other hobby which is taking pictures that inspired me the most to set up the page.” Claudia wasted no time in delving straight into the multicultural sphere of dining here in Dublin. 

Her distinguished and variable palate is clear from her favourite cafés and restaurants in and around the city: “Two Pups Coffee (their mushroom french toast is unreal). BSkewers for a wonderful BBQ experience. Meat lovers must visit. Full Moon Thai; I am addicted to their Fermented fish and crab papaya salad. Alma Café is a little charming café in Portobello serving delicious Dulce De Leche pancakes. Nomo Ramen! They recently opened this year but already easily became one of the best ramen spots in Dublin.” 

When asked what she believes to be the top student-friendly spots in Dublin, she returned to her passionate love of hot noodle soups: “When I was a student, my go-to places which are budget friendly would be Aobaba (Capel Street), you can’t say no to Pho Noodle soup, especially for Dublin weather, it’s a perfect meal.” So, put that pot noodle back up in the cupboard for now and head out. “Hansung is also great, you can have three dishes with rice and soup for eight euros. Sano (Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar) is also a great option; they serve delicious pizza under ten euros.” 

“Everything from food to experience is curated specifically for my followers,”

Taste is what is really required to impress Claudia throughout any dining experience. “It needs to be super good… Uniqueness comes next, it needs to be different or one of a kind,” she shares. “Impeccable service is also important. It does not need to be a five-star service kind of type, if the staff are nice and friendly I’m sold.” From the EAT DRINK DUB account, it’s also clear that aesthetics and the presentation of foods are important to Claudia. These are features which enhance the overall atmosphere. “Everything from food to experience is curated specifically for my followers,” she says, and explains that she must first go and enjoy a meal before deciding to share online or not. 

Other than the capital of The Emerald Isle, somewhere else which has significantly impressed Claudia food-wise is Spain: “Especially Barcelona. Not only do they offer a variety of cuisines, but their tapas are incredibly good.” One of EAT DRINK DUB’s most recent posts is a guide on where to eat in Barcelona, with several recommendations listed along with an insightful message and a video of each place. Claudia shares eating recommendations for all her trips abroad. Some recorded include Milan, Paris, New York, Greece, Japan and The Netherlands. For these, check out the EAT DRINK DUB highlights. 

Choosing where to eat can be hard. Finding somewhere new to eat can be even harder. Having a food guide in your pocket is exactly what EAT DRINK DUB takes pride in. Claudia is here to help. She’ll keep you updated on what’s trendy and cheap, and also the traditional classics. However, take Dublin’s rise in food prices with a pinch of salt.

Ella-Bleu Kiely

Ella-Bleu Kiely is the current Deputy Life Editor of Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister Classics and English Literature student.