Halls residents asked to “respect where you live” after multiple windows egged

The JCR said that it “condemns the actions of the individuals who threw eggs”

Residents of Trinity Hall (Halls) have been asked to “respect where you live” after a number of windows in the accommodation complex were egged.

According to an email sent to residents this afternoon, Emerald, a cleaning company employed by Trinity Halls, have been asked to revisit windows in House 90 and House 87 on three different occasions due to the eggings.

The email continued: “Not only is this completely disrespectful to the staff who clean the windows but it is also childish behaviour which you would not do in your own home or that of your friends.”

Residents were informed that if this is to happen again, the Accommodation Office will “charge the person responsible for the cost of cleaning and time involved”.

“In the current climate where people are desperate for housing and a nice environment to live in, please respect where you live and the staff who provide the services,” the email concluded.

In a statement to Trinity News, the Trinity Hall Junior Common Room (JCR), a representative committee for Halls residents, said that it “condemns the actions of the individuals who threw eggs at the windows of Houses 87 and 90”.

According to the statement, apartments occupied by members of the JCR were among those egged.

The JCR said that those members “agree that the action was not respectful of the positive community and culture Halls aims to foster”.

Halls currently accommodates 995 Trinity students, primarily first years, as well as third-year scholars and members of the Irish Language Residency Scheme (An Scéim Cónaithe.)ju