Trending Tastes: What’s hot on our taste buds in Trinity for 2023

Katelyn Davis digs into what’s hot and not in the culinary and food industry this year

A butter board, your Chinese takeaway wrapped up in a burrito, all accompanied by a Negroni Sbagliato (with prosecco in it!) is the meal that perfectly encapsulates the variety of trends that crossed our taste buds in 2022. Our guide delves into the major movements emerging from the culinary world in the new year.

Not going the distance

In 2023 we will support our own farmers and industries more, tending towards putting locally grown groceries in our basket rather than off-season produce from overseas. As more fruit and vegetables appearing in our supermarkets boast fewer air miles, we’ll start to see cheaper, fresher ingredients originating closer to home. Try the Honey Crispy Chicken Bao from Camile Thai the Irish honey and beekeeping industry is currently booming. Instead of denying ourselves any of our dearest dishes, we’ll opt for pick up instead of delivery from our favourite takeaways (cost of living rages on in 2023). Loyalty cards and reward programs will be found in everyone’s wallet. I vow to use my T-card properly this semester. Download Stocard from the app store, so you have all your best spots close to hand when hunger strikes!

Back to home ec class

There’s nothing more rewarding than artisanally icing a homemade birthday cake, regardless of your skillset. Nostalgic baking trends have renewed our love for simpler recipes we found in the early days of our culinary journeys. Online content creators have returned to sharing recipes and stories about their favourite cakes and bakes from childhood. While you keep your family’s treasured recipes close to your chest, be emboldened to tweak and experiment with new flavours and ingredients (why not infuse elderflower cordial or camomile tea into your bowl?). However, if the whisk never broke in the batter, don’t fix it. Think fairy cakes, warm fruit scones and the classic Victoria sponge with a personalised twist.

Return to dairy

While oat chai lattes will continue to hold a special place in our hearts for many years to come, this year will allow dairy lovers to rejoice. Us college students are left with little choice but to move away from the additional cost for alternative milk in coffee shops, and the thought of making our own plant milk can seem daunting and overly time-consuming for many. In 2022, flavoured butter recipes were churned out in abundance, and these flavours will continue to find new ways to entertain our taste buds in 2023. Cheesy toasties are back on the sandwich menu, enjoyed with creamy vegetable soup. Zingy whipped feta dips are everywhere at the moment. As you enjoy your sweet full-fat pistachio ice cream, you can let your companion know the snack is also tipped to be Nut-of-the-Year, replacing the savoury dominance pine nuts have had on everything from ricotta dishes, pesto recipes and breadcrumbs to sprinkle over fish.

Meals for one

The return to college may cause our new year’s resolutions to eat healthier and spend less to fizzle out in boring batches of refrigerated leftovers. One-pan or pot dinners have been gaining popularity in the last few months, with the movement allowing for both greater accessibility and tasty experimentation. The quick pace of reels and TikToks mark the video medium as a cooking hub for speedy student meals. Creators such as @good_food_mood__ on Instagram and @danialexandra on TikTok move beyond the tired tomato and feta pasta bake of 2022 and provide ample inspiration for your pyrex dish. We recommend trying out Dani’s roast dinner for one or Good Food Mood’s Chicken and Stuffing Pot Pie for colder nights in. 

Lunching options around College Green have been accommodating to this trend for a while. If you’re searching for a bite that won’t crunch your wallet, pizza-by-the-slice is served up in many parlours only a stone’s throw from Front Gates. Bambino, DiFontaine’s and Raize Pizza all serve large cheesy slices with varying preferences of crust and delicious topping combos from just €4.

As trends come and go, there are plenty of consistent classics around campus that are here to remind us to cherish the little things. Amid the price inflation of Centra’s chicken fillet roll, we have many adored gems in Trinity. Perch coffee, I love you! €2 chunky soup in The Forum, never change!

Katelyn Davis

Katelyn Davis is the current Food and Drink Editor and a Junior Sophister in English and History Joint Honours.