Ian Garry scares himself, but retains his invincibility

MMA: Irish MMA prodigy Ian Garry scared himself at UFC 285, but eventually won by TKO in the third round.

Ian Garry is the new star of MMA in Ireland. Extremely talented, the young man recently performed at UFC 285: Jones vs Gane. On the pre-preliminary card, the Irishman was pitted against China’s Song Kenan. Announced favourite before the meeting, the native of Portmarnock did not fool the bookies. Nevertheless, the young man scared himself in the first round.

For his fourth fight in the UFC, The Future did not flinch. Opposed to the formidable Song Kenan, the two men offered fans a real opposition in striking. From the beginning of the meeting, the two men traded blow for blow. Quickly, the face of the Chinese began to mark. Looking for the strong blow, Ian Garry was surprised by a blow from his rival of the evening. Knocked to the ground by this devastating blow, the Irishman wasn’t far from tasting the first defeat of his career. Nevertheless, a true warrior, the young man remained lucid and was able to resume the fight. Between the first and second round, the martial artist considered this mistake with his corner and said that he is ready to refocus to get back in the game.

In the second round, the Irishman dominated his rival who began to have a swollen face. In confidence, Ian Garry continued to put pressure on his rival of the evening while being careful not to be surprised a second time. The native of Portmarnock was successful in his shots. In addition, the young man mixed the strike zones and considerably weakened his opponent.  

In the third and final round, Ian Garry picked up the pace. Determined to end the meeting, the young man left his rival with no chance. Although he dominated the whole round, The Future stepped up his strikes in the last minute of the match. Thus, cornered by the blows of the Irishman, Song Kenan collapsed. The referee of the match, Marc Goddard decides to end the fight a few seconds from the end. Thus, thanks to his incredible performance, Ian Garry gave himself the 11th victory of his career. Undefeated in as many fights, the Irishman is one of the UFC’s greatest prospects. If he scared himself, the young man proved that he was able to come back and shine to win. In addition, shortly after the meeting, Conor McGregor wanted to give his support to his compatriot by congratulating him on Twitter.

While he was living the perfect evening, Ian Garry was stopped at the end of the event by a man who wanted to face him. If the two men almost came to blows, the situation quickly returned to normal.

A true prodigy of Irish MMA, Ian Garry has once again proved why he is The Future.