László Molnárfi elected TCDSU president on the first count

Molnárfi won the election with 56.72% of the vote

László Molnárfi has been elected Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) president after receiving 56.72% of the vote on the first count. A total of 1882 votes were placed in the race for the presidency with 15 of these being spoiled.


The race, which had been contested by candidates Zöe Cummins and Tilly Schaff, came to an end in the Pillar Bar on Thursday night. Cummins received 14.74% of the vote while Schaaf received 23.09%. 

Following the announcement Molnárfi spoke to Trinity News. He said: “In 3 years we have transformed our movement from an impossibility to an inevitability.”

“It seemed impossible that student radicalism would return to the TCDSU. In fact, it was difficult advocating in opposition, and those who did were made to feel unwelcome.”

He noted however, “the results of this election represent a return to traditional student syndicalism”.

“This election was not about me, it was a referendum on whether students are happy with the union establishment, the College establishment and the government establishment. The answer is a resounding no.”

He said that “students have voted to take back their union, and bring it to the

Grassroots” and “it seems that the student movement is back, and ready to take up the fight against a social and economic system that constantly attacks those of us who are the most vulnerable”.

He thanked his “campaign managers and my campaign team and everybody else who has made this a possibility”. 

“It is only now that we begin our work of bringing the union back to the grassroots, engaging students and building a strong and united student movement, one that

mobilises students alongside our allies in the trade unions against cuts, fees and austerity.”


Molnárfi’s campaign has been defined by his belief that the Union has become disengaged with the students. This view was reflected in the responses to Trinity News’ poll in which over 70% of respondents expressed their belief that the Union should be more involved with the student body.


The election’s result is likely to see attempts at extensive reform within the union, or in Molnárfi’s words a “rebirth of the Students’ Union.” Molnárfi’s experience as chair of the student activist group Students4Change will likely provide the Union’s president-elect with the experience required to campaign for the student body.


The future Union president’s plans include advocating for more funding for the counselling service, providing drug testing kits, and taking anti-racist action. Molnárfi also hopes to increase the Union’s engagement with students saying that “The onus is on the TCDSU to engage you, the students, not vice-versa.”


Low levels of engagement between the Union and the student body has been an issue over the last number of years and is something which many Union presidents have hoped to address in the past. This year’s engagement is down from last year with 1882 students casting a vote this year compared to 2159 students last year.

Speaking to Trinity News following the election, current TCDSU President Gabi Fullam said: “I am happy to see any students engage in a discussion of campus politics and well done to all the candidates.”

”I hope László’s victory in particular though, will instill a sense of faith in the capacity of the student movement, he has instilled faith in me for many years.”

This article was updated at 9:54pm on March 2 to include a statement from TCDSU President Gabi Fullam. 

Alan Nolan Wilson

Alan Nolan Wilson is the current News Analysis Editor of Trinity News, and a Junior Sophister Geography and History student. He previously served as Correspondent for College.