College launches “Quantum Alliance” to facilitate growth in quantum technology

The new initiative brings together researchers and major technology firms to organise networks for quantum experts and further the field

College has launched a collaborative initiative bringing together researchers and leading technology firms focused on quantum technology, which it hopes will be a catalyst for investment in the field.

Launched yesterday, the Trinity Quantum Alliance aims to bring together quantum experts and to organise and grow the field and to further advance quantum technology in Ireland.

The initiative is a partnership between Trinity College Dublin, IBM, Microsoft, Moody’s Analytics, Algorithmiq, and Horizon Quantum Computing, the largest quantum firms in the country.

Quantum technology is a massive and rapidly growing industry with a vast scope in the scientific world. It holds much potential in many different areas that each firm has different interests in.

Microsoft focuses on quantum’s potential in fighting climate change, while Algorithmiq aims to revolutionise the medical field, and create new drugs quickly and efficiently. Moody’s Analytics, IBM, and Horizon Quantum Computing all specialise in developments in computers and coding.

Following yesterday’s launch, Provost Linda Doyle said that quantum science !is a fascinating area” with “potential to deliver amazing new technologies”.

She added: “Our researchers are really pushing the boundaries in this space and the Trinity Quantum Alliance will bring a new focus to their efforts.”

By bringing these firms with their different specialties together along with students in Trinity’s MSc for Quantum Science and Technology and the corresponding PhD programme, graduates of which were fundamental in the foundation of this Alliance, will create lasting change in an industry with the potential to change the world as we know it.

Director of the Trinity Quantum Alliance Professor John Goold said: “In Trinity’s unique MSc programme, which has been developed over the past three years, we have placed research and innovation at the centre of our teaching practices.”

“The establishment of the Trinity Quantum Alliance will allow us to integrate research, education and industry in a seamless way with space available for virtual internships for our students.”

The creation of this Alliance is building upon the previously existing and separate partnerships between Trinity and each firm.

With regard to the partnership with Trinity and IBM which was reaffirmed as of 15 September 2022, the two firms sought to enhance engagement with PhD students in particular. These goals will be carried through to the new Trinity Quantum Alliance.

A similar partnership with Algorithmiq about a year ago and with Microsoft in June 2021, both of which sought to introduce the next generation to quantum.

Trinity Quantum Alliance will bring together all of the separate partnerships and will allow their work with the college to bring graduates into the field to continue, but will now also facilitate the firms working together in a way that has not been done before.

Madison Pitman

Madison Pitman is a Deputy News Editor and is currently in her second year studying Law with a minor in Political Science.