Photo by Eliza Meller for Trinity News

Student pressure is essential to make College more convenient for all

There are many small things College could do to improve the student experience, but we need our student representatives to ensure these changes.

It’s a dreadful experience, known to all who call the Arts Building home. You’ve just been corralled into the world’s strictest socially distanced queue at the Perch, you’ve gotten your dangerously hot americano, and you’re ready to study. You’re going


The science lurking in the Arts Building

Though economics firmly has its realm in the Arts Building, do its empirical methodology and lofty ambitions qualify it as a science?

Economics has an unfortunate, and somewhat deserved reputation: many consider the discipline to be little more than pseudo-science, or ‘astrology for men’, and it often lacks the steadfast commitment to empirical evidence found in the natural sciences. Yet the questions


Irish being the fastest growing language on Duolingo is a positive step

Is Irish having a renaissance? Evan Carron-Kee discusses potential reasons for the rise in popularity of learning the language

Nearly every country saw a spike in Duolingo sign-ups after Covid-19 restrictions became widespread in March. In most of the English-speaking world, learners focused on Spanish and French. However, Ireland was the exception: 43% of new sign-ups in March and