GSU Elections: Interview with Shaz Oye

The Presidential candidate spoke to Trinity News about her plans for the GSU

Shaz Oye is a candidate in the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) elections this year. She is running for the position of President against two other candidates. These are current GSU Vice President Gogoal Falia and current Arts, Humanities, and Social


The blind leading the blind

Why Troy Deeney’s comments on sporting role models don’t go far enough

In early March, Watford striker Troy Deeney, during an interview on knife crime reduction and social media, made a significant comment on footballing culture. He noted that it would be “lazy” to call footballers and celebrities role models, something one


IUA fear fee-paying international students may replace Irish students at third level institutions

The comments were made by Director of the IUA Jim Miley in past days

The Irish Universities Association (IUA) have suggested the possibility of having to limit University places for Irish students in future years due to funding shortages within the sector. The IUA have attributed this possible move to the growing number of


UCC wins appeal on releasing €100m loan details

The Information Commissioner’s decision was overturned in the High Court

A decision by the Information Commissioner, which required University College Cork (UCC) to release information on a €100 million loan agreement between the university and the European Investment Bank (EIB) has been overturned in the High Court.

The High Court’s


Trinity students co-found Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland student section

The society involves students engaged in various fields including psychiatry, surgery, and pathology

Two Trinity students have co-founded the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (RAMI) student section, which caters to various disciplines including psychiatry, surgery, pathology, and odontology. The society was co-founded by Trinity undergraduates, Caoimhe Gaughan and Anurag Nasa, alongside Trinity