Sex & Relationships

The 8th Amendment repealed – what’s changed?

Alice Matty and Donncha Murphy explore the history of abortion legislation in Ireland, and reflect on its social impact over the last 70 years


With the celebration of Trinity News’ 70th edition, we reflect on how the social context and political landscape of Ireland has changed over the last 70 years. Ireland, and how we construct our relationships today, looks almost unrecognisable to


Lit Soc recommends: Autumn edition

Alice Matty asks the Literary Society committee for a fall favourite to sum up the season

As autumn comes to its conclusion, a recap of sorts is in order. But what better way to wrap up a season than a definite list of its best reads? Naturally, I got in touch with Trinity’s finest knowledgeable minds:


When alcohol takes the piss

Alice Matty explores why alcohol makes us urinate like a faucet.

If I had a dime for each time a friend asked you don’t need to go to the bathroom? on a night out, I’d have … well, I guess I’d have no dimes, because, as most college students

Arts & Culture

100 years in Cardiff, Wales.

Alice Matty highlights a slept-on travel destination from a cultural, artistic and historical standpoint

With a minute population of around 350,000, Cardiff is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities. Nonetheless, the Welsh capital can be regarded as one of the continent’s most sensational underrated gems. It is a user-friendly, well-laid-out city for tourists, with

Sex & Relationships

Youthful fervour or timeless fire: the fluctuations of libido throughout our lifetimes

Alice Matty delves deep into the changes in sex drive throughout our lifetime

Fluctuations of Libido

If you’ve experienced a lack of sexual drive in your college years, chances are you’re not alone. Libido is a psychological term that describes the drive or energy for sexual activity, which varies dramatically from one person

Food & Drink

Dublin’s top bakeries for a weekend treat according to Trinity News

Sloane Walsh & Alice Matty give you the lowdown on where to go for your weekend treat


Vegan Treats 

The hunt for vegan treats in Dublin’s City Centre is a challenge – which has significantly eased in recent years with the introduction of many non-animal sourced baked goods, with Ireland ranking in 10th place as the

Air fryer

The rise of the air fryer

The latest cooking gadget has made a splash in student kitchens, harnessing the power of convection to “fry” food without the need for hot oil.

The air fryer has become a beloved kitchen appliance for preparing revamped home-cooked meals, spiking in popularity in recent years. The domestic gadget has benefited from substantial marketing hype and endless social media mentions – but what is the

Sex & Relationships

A letter to my grief

Alice Matty explores how grief can affect us and the relationships with those around us

Transcending through the various stages of grief is a multi-faceted journey love accompanies loss, with each expectation accentuated by disappointment, the pain eventually heightening joy. Grieving is a process yet one can become so engrossed in grief that it

Life, Societies

DUGES and the fight for Sexual Empowerment

Alice Matty explores how Trinity’s own gender equality society is breaking down boundaries and tackling stigmas surrounding sexual empowerment

Sexual empowerment and women — Until recent years in modern society, these two concepts have not particularly coexisted harmoniously. Now conversations surrounding feminine empowerment are frequent and familiar, and the stigmatisation of feminine sexual topics is rapidly declining. 

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