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Calling for an End to the Female Body as a Trend

Cat Grogan scrutinises the fickle trends that society imposes on the female body and the detrimental ramifications that these trends have on women’s lives

Picture this: a newborn baby girl lies before you. It is your job to tell her the truth: that the world she has been born into will evaluate her worth according to the shape of her body and the extent


So you think you can DJ (here’s how you can)

Elisa Eckstein and Catherine Grogan chat to DUDJ committee members Sahana Sridharr and Puzzy Wrangler’s Ashling O’Connor


As we look forward to a dynamic change in Dublin nightlife, it’s important to recognise those who have been trying to keep this culture alive over the past few years. Bringing new tracks and sounds into everyone’s night out, DJs