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Ciara Chan spotlights why you should wine, dine and enjoy a night of theatre at Bestseller on Dawson Street

Chances are if you frequent the Arts Block, you’re more than familiar with Bestseller, Dawson Street’s cosiest coffee shop. But did you know that the dimly lit seating area also doubles as a wine bar and dinner theatre in the

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100 years in Ronda

Ronda provides the perfect escape from the city to a quiet town rich with history

Cheap drinks. Coastal party towns. Crazy party islands. The perfect destination for a lad’s holiday. Spain has a reputation and Ryanair will fly you right into its biggest party hubs. But what if you’re craving a chill Spanish holiday absolved

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Together we rise

Ciara Chan traverses the terrain which comprises the EARTH RISING sustainability festival at IMMA

Scientists have long debated the origins of life but one thing is clear: life exists in cycles. We belong to the land as much as it belongs to us. How poetic: the same energy that courses through us once flowed

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Let there be life

Ciara Chan reviews Dublin Fringe Festival’s Garden of Shadows

“What’s with the ominous ambient noise?” cries a child, her voice breaking through the darkness. I smile, but she’s not wrong. The low hum of ominous music projects from speakers just out of sight in the dark. As part of

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A guide to Dublin stand-up comedy

Ciara Chan walks us through the best spots in the city for a cheeky chuckle — and the occasional roast

It’s okay if your serotonin is store-bought…. Or purchased on Eventbrite. Dublin City has numerous comedy clubs that will provide you with a quick fix for your prevailing mental health issues. Because who wants to commit to therapy every week