Deconstructing the Trinity hack

What or who is or is not a hack? Has it been reclaimed or is it pejorative? If so, who can use it? Are some hacks more equal than others? What does Jack Leahy have to do with it?

hacksScreen shot 2015-02-09 at 22.31.56comment1Students’ Union elections. When a handful of brazen colour-coded pretenders, wearing the same clothes for the bones of a fortnight, shamelessly sell highly branded versions of themselves to us in exchange for our EC-approved approval.

For these two weeks, after …


Editorial: We stand by our reporting and in doing so we stand by our peers


On Tuesday morning, The University Times (UT) ran a front page story outlining the growing difficulties that student societies are facing in operating within Trinity. Citing several documents of correspondence between societies and College offices (specifically the Enquiries and  Examinations …


Battle of the sexes

Intersexuality is often left out of the queer discourse. Intersex activist Gavan Coleman talks to D. Joyce-Ahearne about the spectrum of sex.

indepth1A key tool in any power dynamic is the authority to name. To define is to create an image, to identify its place in relation to everything else. Regardless of how we choose to identify, how we are defined by …