The nature of competitiveness

Today’s societal demands call for us to compete with our peers, but where does this impulse come from?

Competitiveness is hardwired into our biology. Just think of how many Monopoly games you have had with a crazed family member, or the number of competition-based reality shows you can watch in TV. Vince Lombardi, an American football player, famously


Diagnosing a broken heart

Heartbreak isn’t just an adolescent experience, but a body and mind altering process


Uncontrollable crying fits. Shortness of breath. Loss of appetite, inability to stay focused, chronic rumination…Being diagnosed with a broken heart is more likely to come from a friend over a bottle of red wine than in a doctor’s office, but


A night of jamming and dance at Jerico Alcaras’ “Intergalactic”

While hosting an intimate gathering, Alcaras’ night in the Globe was not without hiccups

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Ents Officer candidate Jerico Alcaras took over The Globe last night with his event, “Intergalactic”. The event featured acoustic performances from Sean Kelleghan and Nobody’s Heroes vocalist Neo Morake, followed by a live set


Trinity geography professor wins Researcher of the Year award

The award was given to Professor Anna Davies by the Irish Research Council

Professor Anna Davies of the School of Natural Sciences was awarded the Researcher of the Year award from the Irish Research Council (IRC) last night.

Prof Davies, who is also the principal investigator at Trinity’s Environmental Governance Research Group, won


Trinity researchers win €2 million each from the European Research Council

Dr Laura Cleaver and Dr Aline Vidotto’s win brings Trinity’s total number of ERC grants to 26

Dr Laura Cleaver and Dr Aline Vidotto are recipients of the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant Awards valued at €2 million each, it was announced today.

The awards bringing Trinity’s total number of ERC grants awarded under the EU …


Trinity wins four awards at this year’s SFI Science Awards

Professor John Boland of the school of chemistry was crowned SFI Researcher of the Year

Trinity researchers scooped four out of eight awards at the annual Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Science Summit, held last night at the Ballsbridge Hotel. The awards marked the beginning of Science Week, a campaign organised by SFI.

Professor John Boland,


Trinity scientists shed new light on the link between obesity and cancer

The immune system fails in the presence of excess fat, reducing its ability to fight cancer

Trinity scientists have made a major discovery that confirms why the body’s immune surveillance systems stutter and fail in the presence of excess fat, in a study recently published in journal Nature Immunology.

The researchers studied natural killer cells from