An expansion of tobacco-free Trinity to Halls would undermine students’ autonomy

After a proposal to Council, Darragh McDonagh questions what lengths College should go to in order to stop students from smoking

In January, the Trinity’s Health Promotion Officer visited Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council to present a proposal which had been circling: the idea of expanding Trinity’s tobacco-free campus to Trinity Hall. The presentation was informal, and designed as


Dubai royal family donations undermine Trinity’s progressive politics

The funding crisis forces college to make difficult choices on the donations it accepts

The Al Maktoum Foundation, the charitable arm of the Dubaian royal family, stands behind Trinity’s new Al Maktoum Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. Money donated to Trinity by the Foundation is to be used, among other things, to fund four


The timing of Trinity’s construction works was nonsensical and inconsiderate

Consideration for Trinity’s present students seem far from College’s mind

Despite having over 425 years of experience, Trinity still cannot seem to time things right.
Works in Fellows’ Square, which necessitated the redirecting of students via the
back of the 1937 Reading Room, began a week after students returned from


TEP must be criticised, but not discarded

Despite the obvious issues with this year’s implementation of TEP, improvements must be considered too

The Trinity Education Project (TEP) is a highly aspirational ideal of education reform for the College – possibly even more radical than the semi-semesterisation model introduced in 2010. Its aim to reduce the amount of assessments for students in order


The farcical Presidential election campaign has shown need for nomination reform

County councils have shown themselves as unrepresentative and self-serving in putting forward incompetent candidates

The resounding triumph for President Higgins in the presidential election and the calibre of his challengers raises serious questions about the nomination process for the presidency. President Higgins had overwhelming cross-party support: opinion polls showed an unassailable lead on his