Society Spotlight: DU History

Grace Fannon talks to the Auditor of DU History, Shane Macken, about the society’s unorthodox approach to history

This past year has seen an undeniable refocusing on social issues on social media platforms, especially from younger generations. There has been a movement toward re-educating oneself, becoming more aware of deeply rooted biases that continue to have consequences on


A Year of Digital Society Events

Grace Fannon looks back at how societies have adapted over the last twelve months

Trinity is heading into the final few weeks of a year that is hopefully unlike anything we will see again. Between online lectures, frustratingly short library booking slots and an absence of sneaker-wearing tourists meandering around campus, it has been


This Week in Trinity: Week 10

Between a ball, a debate final and Daisy Edgar Jones’ address to TCD LawSoc, get ready for an exciting week

Stumbling into Week 10, I think we are all feeling a little disorientated after the extra long weekend. Excessive consumption of sunshine, ice cream, and some sneaky canal cans may have momentarily suspended the reality of a looming end of …


Society Spotlight: Visual Arts Society

Grab a pair of Docs and an easel – we’re getting to know the Visual Arts Society

There is certainly no dearth in style on Trinity’s campus. From the picnic tables outside the Arts Block and across the cricket pitch to the Hamilton, ‘cool’ is in abundance, manifesting in vintage doc martens, aviator leather jackets, chequered trousers


This Week in Trinity: Week 8

This week, join Trinity’s societies as they kick off the final term of the year

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and sunshine saturated reading week, and is ready for the last term of 2020/2021 academic year! If, like most students, your reading week involved less reading than the powers that be may hoped for, you …


Staying Afloat with Societies

Between TCDSU Mental Health Week and facilitating social interaction, Societies play an important role in student mental wellbeing

University can be a difficult time for anyone. The challenges of self-motivated learning, the often-jarring experience of leaving home, and the anxiety of navigating new social relationships take their toll. Increasing responsibilities and the impetus to perform well academically can


This Week at Trinity: Trinity Green Week, Trinity Arts Festival and DU Players’ Glitter Week

Week 4 is a busy one at Trinity, crammed with art, theatre and all things green

It seems as though spring has finally sprung, and although we may all be missing pints at the pav after (read: instead of) lectures, some extra sunshine is certainly welcome. Even if the extended daylight isn’t enough to lift your …


Society Spotlight: DU Classical Society

Grace Fannon discusses the society that you haven’t joined, but should wish you had

To many, classics may seem something of a niche field. A subject reserved for waist coat clad and pipe smoking spouters of ancient languages, all of whom probably went to Eton. But, Jared Miller, Auditor (Chairperson) of Trinity’s Classical Society,