Garda violence won’t break the housing movement

The appalling expulsion of North Frederick Street occupation will only solidify anger about the housing crisis

The violent dispersal of the 34 North Frederick Street occupation represents the beginning of a crackdown on the housing movement across Dublin and Ireland. The end of the 25-day occupation was so unnecessarily draconian, marked by the arrest of multiple


Trinity must follow students and protest government underfunding

The QS rankings fall is symptomatic of Trinity mismanagement, as well as funding problems

Trinity’s slump in the QS rankings belies a crisis in funding for Irish third-level institutions. The return to form for Ireland’s universities in their fall down the league tables indicates their incapacity to keep the pace with international competitors and


Why the 2018 SU elections offer more of less

Once again, the campaign offers an uninspiring slate.

A dearth of candidates already confirms that the 2018 Trinity College Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections will stand as a reflection of the growing apathy on campus surrounding student politics. Two uncontested races and several clear favourites seem to guarantee an


Joint authority is the next step for Northern Ireland

Joint rule between Dublin and Westminster is the only way to break the current impasse

The Irish foreign minister, Simon Coveney, recently caused a stir at Westminster. Coveney demanded a voice for the Irish government in the administration of Northern Ireland, remarking that “there can be no British-only direct rule” in the province.

The next


Pulling down posters won’t win the argument

The silencing of pro-lifers by Trinity PBP members will only weaken the pro-choice side.

Trinity PBP has overreached with their removal of pro-life posters around campus. While abortion is a sensitive issue, no side in the debate has a mandate to suppress an opposing viewpoint.

Any disrespect for democratic values only undermines the pro-choice


Northern Ireland should reject the Irish Language Act

Efforts should instead focus on depoliticising the language, and encouraging cross-community promotion

Four months after the Assembly election in March, Northern Ireland still has no devolved government. A long-running dispute behind the political deadlock concerns the introduction of an Irish Language Act. While Irish has official status as a national