Trinity’s most serious society

Honey Morris sits down to analyse the rigid functions within the core group of Comedians Against Trinity

College: A time of laughter, tears, and everything in between.

“The comedy society is as much about watching comedy as it is performing”

“A lot of good comedians are introverted and it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be good


K-Soc: Best Overall Society

The winning society of “Best Overall Society” discusses how they pulled off such an incredible accomplishment

Winning “Best Overall Society” is no easy feat, but winning “Best Small Society” too only boosts the achievement. This success requires consistent work, dedication, and planning from the committee. Korean Society (K-Soc) rightfully claimed the title of “Best Overall Society”


Formula for success: The passion and hard work of Formula Trinity

Honey Morris speaks to Chief Operations Officer of Formula Trinity to understand the work, challenges and motivation behind the society

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: The four pillars of STEM, and four main components of Formula Trinity. This incredible society builds, codes, designs, and engineers sports car driving systems. Even with their focus being STEM-driven, their team includes students from

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Hidden Gems on the Emerald Isle

Honey Morris explores some of the underrated attractions Ireland has to offer

Ireland is full of well-known and highly visited attractions but also peppered with unique and forgotten-about places. Exploring the niche areas of a country gives insight into the people’s way of life more so than touristy places would. While some

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Loved by many

Education is important, and consent is key: Honey Morris discusses how they became accepting and supportive of polyamory

Love comes in many different forms and I would argue that today’s society is more aware and accepting of that than ever. However, polyamory is still, socially, on the back burner of acceptance. Before I was directly confronted with it,