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Analysis: Looking back on a year of firsts

A review of the difficult and unpredictable academic year of 2020/21

On September 7, the highest Leaving Certificate results on record were announced after predicted grades with points rising nearly 75% for some Central Applications Office (CAO) courses. Students at the beginning of the year expected College to take place at


UT Race: Emer Moreau says she will hold College to account

“UT is a newspaper and we have a very stringent set of editorial and ethics policies… and I don’t see a lot of that from the Burkean”, Moreau told Trinity News

Emer Moreau is a third year English and psychology student, and is currently the Deputy Editor of the University Times. She previously served as News Editor and Assistant Editor before taking up the position of Deputy Editor in December 2020.…

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Analysis: A packed field of candidates for what is likely to be a highly competitive set of TCDSU elections

Unusually, there is a near-equal gender divide among candidates this year

The candidates for the upcoming Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections were announced from the steps of House Six on Monday evening. With a total of thirteen, this election will see more candidates than usual, with an almost equal

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Analysis: Trinity’s management of the Goldsmith Hall Covid-19 outbreak

Trinity’s “failure to communicate” the Covid-19 outbreak and testing process has meant a chaotic end to the first week of Hilary Term for Goldsmith Hall residents

Trinity’s communication to residents during the recent Covid-19 outbreak in Goldsmith Hall and the subsequent testing of all residents, caused “confusion and unnecessary stress” for students with one resident telling Trinity News that “the communication from Trinity was absolutely horrendous”.…


TCDSU and JCR to try to provide “clarity” following students’ concerns in Halls

First years living in Halls voiced questions at a town hall meeting this evening

, and

Student representatives are to try to provide “clarity” for residents in Trinity Hall (Halls) who have asked questions and raised concerns about the implementation of Covid-19 restrictions.

At a Town Hall this evening, students expressed to Trinity College Dublin’s Students’

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Analysis: Trinity’s path to becoming a University of Sanctuary

Trinity has become the sixth Irish university to have received the University of Sanctuary Award

Trinity has become the sixth university to have received the University of Sanctuary Award by the People of Sanctuary Ireland, an initiative which has been running since 2016. The aim of the initiative is to encourage universities and other higher