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What’s hot and what’s not on campus

Swap your Repeal jumper for a course hoodie, and trade in your smoking habit for a set of DJ decks

What’s Hot

Course hoodies

If you’re a Fresher then let me tell you, this is the coolest piece of clothing you’ll ever wear in your college career. Forget what older students say about wearing a course hoodie with a genius

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A day in the life

Have you ever wondered what life is like from a different side of College? Two students from different disciplines take us through their day

The Arts Student

Name: Aislinn Brennan

Course: World Religions & Theology

Year: Junior Sophister


With World Religions being a course of few hours, I’m typically in town for 10.30am to make an 11am lecture. That’s just enough time to

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Tramline plays host to a salty session for surfers, skiers and students alike

DUDJ, DU Snowsports and DU Surf Club dived into a night of boogying in Tramline for the Thursday of Freshers’ Week

This Freshers’ Thursday saw the newly opened Tramline on Hawkins St play host to DUDJ, DU Snowsports and Surf Club for their collaboration with TCDSU Ents for Deep Freeze: Sea Bass.

This sea session had been in the works for

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How the sunshine might make me fail my exams

As we’re blessed with more and more days of blazing sunshine, one student describes the lure of the Pav in good weather and the threat this poses to our grades

It’s 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. You’re struggling through assignments, pondering the revision you ought to have started, or really any sort of work that a responsible college student would be doing at this time of year. Your phone lights


Magnified Societies: Through the lens with DUPA

This week, Trinity Life is profiling College’s photography society, Dublin University Photography Association, otherwise known as DUPA. Speaking to Trinity Life, DUPA’s Visual Communications Officer, Lisa Murray, highlights the role the society plays in providing amateur photographers with a platform

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The Phil Debate: Trinity vs Yale

The Phil argue that globalisation is “doomed to fail” as they face up against Yale at this week’s debating event

trinity-lifeThursday evening, February 17, saw the GMB come alive with the witty discourse of a TCD vs Yale debate, jointly hosted by The Phil and the Student Economic Review. The motion put forward for the evening was, “This House Believes

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Taking the road to Tullamore for Law Ball

An attendee of this year’s Law Ball event provides a personal account into both the glitz and not-so glam of one of the most talked-about events of each year


This year, the annual Maples Law Ball undertook a move from the big city to the rolling countryside, taking place in Tullamore, County Offaly. The “jewel” in Trinity Law Society’s social calendar, this hotly anticipated event sold out at the


Sizing Up SUAS: The Guys Behind the Green

Trinity Life sits down with the president of SUAS to find out about the many worthwhile opportunities provided by one of Trinity’s most prominent volunteering societies


 “Their primary message is one of empowerment, with their main ethos focused on a dedication to combating social issues through volunteering and activism”

We have all seen the green t-shirts out in force around campus during Freshers’ Week. We stopped