The importance of student journalism

70 years on from the foundation of Trinity News, Nina Crofts discusses the value of writing for a student publication

I started participating in student journalism when I was in high school. 15 to be exact. And when I started, I really just saw my articles as more fun versions of the academic essays I was writing every day in


Looking back, moving forward: Ireland’s social transformation on the pages of Trinity News

Taking a look at the most formative moments of recent years through the lens of the Trinity News comment section

Ireland, ten years ago, stood in a very different position regarding social progressiveness than it stands now. In recent years, though, Ireland has been seen as an emblem of a forward-thinking 21st century Europe, largely due to big steps taken


Manchester United made the correct decision on Mason Greenwood, but the public outcry holding them to account should not have been necessary.

Nina Crofts examines the public outcry over Mason Greenwood’s sexual assault allegations, and why the club’s response was somewhat murky.

Since allegations of abuse and assault first came out against Manchester United player Mason Greenwood in January 2022, it has been one of the most contentious topics in my family, particularly between my dad and I. 

I’ve been a Man


The DART+ Programme: A revolutionary expansion or a restrictive hindrance?

The DART+ Programme claims to revolutionise travel in the Greater Dublin Area, but Nina Crofts discusses how the new infrastructural project does little to solve existing problems for commuting students.

In the past few months, Irish Rail have outlined plans to expand the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) past the small coastal commuter area spanning Malahide and Howth down to Bray and Greystones, to include areas further north to Drogheda


Oatly’s aggressive marketing campaign alienates potential customers rather than appealing to them

Oatly’s new advertisement campaign has taken over Dublin in the past few months, and in turn, ostracised non-vegans from ever taking up non-dairy milks.

An Oatly campaign that took over ads on Dublin transportation and billboards starting in  January has ignited a significant amount of controversy for its inflammatory marketing strategy that capitalises on the shaming of dairy consumers.

Over the past 10 years,


If Ireland wants to continue this trend of global creative success to, we need to encourage the arts

After the recent surge of nominations and awards for Irish artists and Irish art, the lack of funding and support for the average Irish artist has also come into the spotlight

In recent months, we have seen the incredible successes of countless Irish creatives, from the bold cinematic achievements of The Banshees of Inisherin, An Cailín Ciúin, and Aftersun, accruing a record 14 Irish Academy Award nominations,


Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies to hold event exploring “complex figure” of Brigit

Brigit of Ireland: An icon for today will explore the celebration of Brigit in Ireland

College’s Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies is to host an event exploring the celebration of Irish religious and cultural icon Brigit.

Brigit of Ireland: An icon for today, a collaboration with Woman Spirit Ireland, will be hosted tomorrow in …


Longer nights for Irish pubs and clubs introduces as many potential issues as the ones it aims to solve

The expanding of opening hours for pubs and clubs across Ireland is a win for Irish nightlife only if predictable obstacles are accounted for, and soon

News of the change to pub and nightclub opening hours has quickly gained much attention and discussion from the public, both positive and negative, and it is easy to see why. On the one hand, it is a massive change


The back and forth nature of climate activism versus climate fatalism is exhausting

When facing a sizeable global threat such as climate change, it is sometimes difficult to continue to make the small changes when you worry that they have no significant impact

For some time, I have worried that my climate activism pales in comparison to the mass climate atrocities that are committed by corporations, countries, and celebrities daily. It is hard to feel as though the small steps you take count