Students should support Tesco workers’ strike

Rachel Graham argues that students should go out of their way to support the Tesco workers on strike. The dispute over worsening conditions for veteran employees at the multinational can be seen as a microcosm of the wider environment that awaits students upon their exit from college, where precarious and low-paid employment reigns supreme

“Don’t cross picket lines, don’t show implicit support for Tesco by shopping at branches that are not on strike, and encourage your peers to do the same.”

Pickets at numerous branches of supermarket giant Tesco have been seen since Valentine’s …


Time for student bodies to get serious about providing alcohol-free spaces

If student representatives are really serious about preventing alcohol abuse, they need to do more than run campaigns.

commentBANNERThe Union of Students in Ireland (USI) last month launched a campaign, Mental Drinking, which aims to change students’ attitudes towards alcohol. It has been welcomed as an alternative to the Diageo-funded Stop Out of Control Drinking campaign. It is …


Medicalised terminology only increases mental health stigma

Framing discussion of mental health in medicalised terms discourages people from engaging with the psychological suffering of others for what it is – subjective experience.

comment1“Sadness is something we all feel. Unfortunately, it’s all most us have to relate to people with a mental illness dubbed ‘clinical depression’.” This is how Seán Healy began his recent article in The University Times, “The problem with current …


Identity politics stifles real debate

Identity politics, at its worst, it is a form of expression so easy, so blunt, and so social media compatible that it gets entered into thoughtlessly, supporting hostility to nuanced debate and dissenting opinions.

comment1Etes-vous Charlie? N’etes-vous pas Charlie? Are you a feminist? Are you not a feminist? Do you “check your privilege”? Or do you not understand whose privilege it is, exactly? Whatever your opinion, you’ve probably formulated an answer to one of …


Space to explore at the Douglas Hyde

DHG assistant curator Michael Hill and gallery assistant Rachel McIntyre talk to Rachel Graham about its relationship with the college and the focus of its current exhibition programme.


Could you tell me something about the gallery’s relationship with Trinity College, and how it came to be on campus?

Michael: Originally the gallery was set up by genetics professor George Dawson. He collected art and tried to get it …