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Elaine Feeney’s take on gaining a generational perspective

The As You Were author talks about her debut novel, Ireland’s beauty and its flaws, generation labels and a modernist approach to writing

Just two days after her highly anticipated debut novel was released, I spoke to writer Elaine Feeney about As You Were, a moving story which tells of a woman dealing with a terminal illness within the confinement of her own

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Careers in the arts: how The Nu Wardrobe is revolutionizing the consumer landscape

Aisling Byrne talks to Trinity News about her career so far, sustainable fashion, and a new-found consciousness in our society

Since emerging as graduates from Trinity in 2015, Aisling Byrne, alongside her good friend, Ali Kelly, has gone on to establish The Nu Wardrobe; a social enterprise which caters to ecologically aware consumers. The campaign provides a platform with which

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A Surprise Review: Humour, comfort, tears and terror as Smock Alley’s A Surprise takes to the stage

Patrick O’Sullivan’s A Surprise debuts at the Scene and Heard Festival and confronts its audience with the jarring spontaneity of life’s pitfalls

Julius Caesar once said, “no one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected”, and indeed I found this to be true of Smock Alley Theatre’s production of A Surprise. The writer, Patrick O’Sullivan, manages to compact