Life inside the Trinity BDS encampment

College has outlined its plans to cut ties to Israeli institutions. What was life like in the encampment that led to this unprecedented divestment?

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Names have been changed for anonymity purposes 

“I wasn’t a Trinity student. So the only way I could actually get in was by sneaking in as an UberEats driver.”

These are the words of Gareth, who arrived at the Trinity


College to consider using increased masters’ fee revenue on health services

The TCDSU proposal will be decided on by relevant College committees this month.


Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) has been in negotiations with College to use revenue from the proposed masters’ fee increase to improve College counselling and health services. 

TCDSU President László Molnárfi told Trinity News that “progress is being made”


Trinity outlines plan of action for Israeli ties following end of BDS encampment

One Israeli company on the supplier list will continue to work with College until March 2025 for “contractual reasons”

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College has issued a statement outlining its plans to address its ties with Israeli institutions following the end of the encampment by Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) and Trinity Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (TCD BDS).

In a statement issued to …


Green Week: A College greenwashing initiative?

Was this year’s “Green Week” really an effort to systematically make Trinity “greener” or was it simply a College greenwashing initiative?

On the week of March 11, a number of interesting-looking sculptures made from recycled materials could be found on campus from Front Square to the Watts Building. The sight of a  model hanging bee outside of the GMB, the bog


“Not sick enough”: Irish universities and public facilities failing to treat eating disorders

Trinity News investigates the roadblocks to treatment for college students with eating disorders in Ireland. What makes college health centres so unable to provide students with adequate treatment? Is this a college issue or a state one?

36 years. Enough time to fall in love, have a kid, and climb the ranks of a workplace. But in the case of 49-year-old Mary Byrne, 36 years is the duration of time that she has struggled with anorexia. 



Voter turnout for sabbatical election highest since 2020, estimates suggest

Over 2,400 people voted in this year’s election, according to preliminary estimates by the Electoral Commission

2,457 students voted in this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical election, according to preliminary estimates from the Electoral Commission (EC).

While these numbers are not final, it puts this year’s sabbatical elections on track to narrowly beat …


Communications & Marketing race: Connor Dempsey wants to “burst the bubble” of inaccessibility surrounding the Students’ Union

The fourth-year politics and sociology student is focused on improving procedure for class rep elections, making SU communications more accessible and visible, and increasing student engagement with SU-led activism

Fourth year politics and sociology student Connor Dempsey has spent his four years of university being, as he put it, “fairly too involved in campus.” He has served as Classes officer of DU modern languages since his second year and


What does Trinity stand for? Students and guests debate the Berkeley’s new name with the Hist

Oscar Wilde, Eavan Boland, and the year 1904 were just a few of the new names suggested by speakers on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, Trinity’s Exam Hall was – in a fashion rarely seen at the very start of the semester, long before exams – packed. Abandoning the sacred Graduates’ Memorial Building (GMB) for the night, the College Historical Society (the


Trinity gives away 100 birch tree seedlings to celebrate launch of new sustainability strategy

Sustainability Strategy 2023-2030 aims to reduce Trinity’s greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030

This morning, Trinity gave away 100 birch tree seedlings which sprouted naturally on campus lawns following College’s “No Mow May” initiative. The seedlings were distributed from Front Square.

Any seedlings not collected today will be made available to students and …


How House Six made Ireland pro-choice

Trinity News sits down with the former SU officers who nearly faced prison time during their thirty year battle for the right to choose in Ireland

On July 1, 1988, Anne Marie Keary arrived on University College Dublin’s (UCD) campus ready to take up her new role as the Student Union’s Welfare Officer. Amidst the piles of student and staff queries that she found on her