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A year in Trinity research

A look back at College’s biggest scientific developments in 2023

As the semester draws to a close, so too does a remarkable year in College research. From quantum revelations to botanical discoveries, healthcare innovations to cosmic exploration, this year saw no shortage of scientific findings across Trinity science departments. Here

Students use laptop and tablet devices to view online content.

Student digital (de)vices

Investigating what has and hasn’t changed about our social media habits in the last decade

If you take a peek at the Trinity News archives all the way back in the days of November 2013, you might stumble across a feature piece entitled, ‘Is Facebook a false reality?’ Authored by then-staff writer Alice Kinsella, the

The EU building in Brussels

Decoding the EU AI Act: A student-friendly guide to the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence regulation

The European Union’s latest framework may prove the greatest regulatory challenge for the technology sector since GDPR

From parody deepfakes to TikTok-trending AI-generated art, biometric surveillance for law enforcement to screenplays authored by large language models, the past year has seen artificial intelligence (AI) become increasingly ubiquitous in our lives. While there has been a welcome increase


‘Knock-On’ Effects: New research examines the long-term impact of concussion in rugby players

Tackling concussion continues to be a major priority for rugby union as evidence emerges of the lifelong repercussions of the sport’s most common injury

With sunsets creeping in earlier and temperatures beginning to dip, the harbingers of the rugby season are well and truly upon us. A fresh bout of rugby fever is on the horizon as we enter the autumn months, and this

Diana Hrisovescu & Shay McDonnell

Flipping the Script: Meet the student start-up breaking down bureaucratic language barriers

Student founders Diana Hrisovescu and Shay McDonnell sit down with Trinity News to discuss their journey with tech start-up Script

The journey of Script from secondary school project to tech start-up poised for public launch has been a long and somewhat unexpected one. “I never even imagined I’d be doing what I’m doing today,” Diana Hrisovescu, co-founder and CEO, admits


Schrodinger’s controversy: a room with and without a name

A look at the past, present, and future of the Fitzgerald building’s most famous theatre

This article contains discussion of sexual abuse, including of children.

Even for the most casual physicists, the name Schrödinger likely rings a faint bell of recognition. Austrian-born Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961) is revered as a pioneer of quantum mechanics; best known