Diagnosing a broken heart

Heartbreak isn’t just an adolescent experience, but a body and mind altering process


Uncontrollable crying fits. Shortness of breath. Loss of appetite, inability to stay focused, chronic rumination…Being diagnosed with a broken heart is more likely to come from a friend over a bottle of red wine than in a doctor’s office, but


Outrunning father time

Aging has intruded as the “inevitable disease” since time immemorial, but will it always be that way?

The processes of aging are not as simple as the workings of an alarm clock or the passing sands of time. Rather than a genetic ticking of the hand bringing us to death’s door, aging should be understand as the …


In pursuit of treatment and identity

Sam Cox investigates how the so-called “asylum” impacts a student’s identity

Midway through our interview, Anna paused to answer a phone call. After talking so clearly about her experiences in mental health hospitals in Ireland, her change in tone was a jarring reminder of her status as both student and young


An obligation to die?

Arivale seek to redefine aging and disease, yet haven’t questioned the ethical issues that arise with its ambitions

Though noble are the stars and captivating is the atom, no field of science holds as much promise as the future of health. Schrödinger at 75 sought to unveil the future of research and development, and how we treat illness.


Made in Dublin 8, by Dublin 8

The Digital Hub showed off some of Dublin’s best talent as part of Culture Night

Under the crimson glow of St. Patrick’s tower, the choir of Mercer’s Institute for Successful Aging (MISA) wasn’t your typical picture of Culture Night. Pacing back and forth, conductor Nora Walsh encouraged the group to stay toasty for the performance


Nobel Laureate John O’Keefe celebrated at GMB

Dr John O’Keefe recounted his rocky start as a student and the importance of persistence and enthusiasm in being a modern scholar

Neuroscientist Dr. John O’Keefe of University College London charmed the members of the Phil and BioSoc with his humble disposition today in the Graduates Memorial Building. The Nobel Laureate was awarded the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage for his outstanding


Outcry from student midwives over bullying “rife in our Irish hospitals”

Reports of unfair treatment are growing amongst midwifery and nursing students on placement following new online anti-bullying campaign

Trinity student midwives are among the Health Service Executive (HSE) workers reporting bullying and mistreatment in hospitals following the publication of an Irish Times article interviewing the Facebook support group for mistreated workers, ‘Bullied By The HSE’.

Speaking to Trinity


Life clings on at the Science Gallery

Sam Cox discusses the gallery’s latest exhibition, LIFE AT THE EDGES

  Dangling from an asteroid on the ceiling of the Science Gallery Dublin, the Analemma Tower proposal baffles. A design for the world’s tallest building put forward by Clouds Architecture Office, the suggestion is to anchor a pendulum tower from a …