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AI is not as intelligent as you think

A closer look at the academic threat of AI technology, the fact that it is not intelligent in the same way we are, or near as intelligent as we give it credit for being

In January 2023, a secondary school in London announced that they were going to make massive cuts to the amount of essay homework assigned to students. They explained that an AI (artificial intelligence), chat generator ChatGPT had made essay work


DAHMER sparks controversial question about the the ethics of the true crime genre

As true crime grows rapidly in popularity, it also leans further into a grey-area ethical debate considering the crimes, the victims, and the huge profits of their stories

True crime TV shows, movies, books and podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity. The new Netflix show DAHMER has joined the ever-growing list of extremely successful true crime series. The show is about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and on its